The Clincher Round

In my previous post, we celebrated hard work.

This time, we’re celebrating being a good sport.

One friendly contest in my daughter’s school was particularly monumental for us as it was a huge milestone in her emotional development.

They call it Brain Quest and she was one of the 3 students chosen to represent their class. They were to compete with other first graders from other school branches and Mia was nothing but excited! Continue reading

We Celebrate: Hard Work

The school year is coming to an end (at least on our side of the world) and I can’t believe we have done a total of 16 projects for first grade!

Sixteen! That’s about 4 projects for every quarter!

I’m not sure we want to move up to 2nd grade anymore. Haha.

Our 6-year-old worked so hard finishing these project assignments during weekends so I thought we’d celebrate how diligent she had been.

I told her we celebrate big and small and her efforts on all this made it to our big list.

So this post is dedicated to her.

For all the cutting, pasting, coloring, and long writings she patiently did.

We are proud of how hard you worked, Miatots! 

I really hope we managed to make it fun. ?

Here are some of your snapshots from first to fourth quarter. ? Continue reading


MIA: What would you do with your life if I die, Mom?

JING: Oh… I don’t know. I haven’t thought about that. Why do you ask?

MIA: I want to know if you’ll be sad. (looked like she was about to cry..)

JING: Oh, not just sad. I’d cry everyday.

MIA: Will you burn me and put my ashes in a pendant?

JING: Mia… Why are we talking about this? You’re scaring me..

(her tears rolled down this time)

MIA: That is why.. (sobbing) I always pray to God to bless you… and me… with long life, Mommy…


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What I Wish I Could Tell Schools About The Projects They Give

I have mixed opinions about school projects. Sometimes I like them, sometimes I don’t.

LIKE because it helps our kids absorb the lesson more and it does encourage (or should I say force ?) us, parents, to spend time with them. You know, work together as parent and child to reach a goal. That’s the whole idea, right? And then children feel a sense of accomplishment afterwards. A sense of pride that they’ve created something they haven’t done before.

That is, if we really let them do the job.

Because the crazy truth is –

Most parents do the projects of their kids. ?


I’m not here to judge though. I totally understand! It’s much much faster that way!

If you also tried to make it look like ‘child’s work’?, kudos to your efforts. Don’t feel guilty. Who hasn’t?

The only thing I’m trying to point out here is, this is extra work for us. And we are very busy parents who actually have no time for it.

So what I don’t like about projects is when they are not age appropriate.

I remember when I was in elementary, we were asked to make a parol (Christmas lantern). Continue reading

How Much Should Parents Be Involved in School Projects?

Project assignments.

It would be easier (and faster!) if I do it myself but something tells me not to.

My daughter is in 1st grade and since there are MORE grade levels to come, I thought I’d set the expectations early as to how much (or how little) help she’d get from me.

Well, how much help should we really give?

I’m on the camp who thinks as little as possible. ?

Project making can teach kids so many things – hard work, responsibility, self-reliance, creativity, resourcefulness etc. and we don’t want to rob those learning opportunities from them.

So even if it takes a loooonger time for Mia to finish, I let her be.

I just GUIDE.

“Mommy! Why did you cut those? I wanted to be the one. I wanted to be the one.”


Ok, so I wasn’t a very good guide in the beginning.?  Continue reading

MIA: Mommy, I have a question. I’ve been wondering… Was there ever a time that you didn’t love me?

JING: No. And there won’t ever be.

MIA: Even when you get upset or get mad at me, there’s still love?

JING: Yep. Love is just always there. And it will always be there. Why do you ask?

MIA: Nothing. Just wonderin.

JING: Was there ever a time you felt you’re not loved?

MIA: No.

JING: What made you ask then?

MIA: Nothing. Just checking. If you ask me those questions, I’ll answer the same things you answered to me.


When Hugs Are Not Enough

I often hurt myself by running around and bumping into tables at home when I was young. I would cry and my mom would come to the rescue, smack the furniture, and say, “Bad table. Bad.”

That was her way of easing my pain. ?

Poor table. ?

Sometimes, it was the wall too. “Bad wall. Very bad wall.” (Smack!)

It wasn’t the wisest way to empathize with kids. But for the little me, back in the day, it was very comforting.

To see my mom get mad at an object and put the blame on it instead of on me? Oh, it would hush and calm me down. It was not my fault, right? I wasn’t clumsy or naughty. That furniture! Those walls!


To this day, I still trip in the most unlikely places. My pinky toe also gets stubbed all the time as if it has a mind of its own, deciding not to go where the rest of my body is going. But of course, I have matured and I don’t blame the grocery cart with wobbly wheels for it. Or the door that was left open by someone else. Or the hallway lights that weren’t on.

??? Continue reading

Our Kids Need To Play MORE – here’s why

My trips to the playground often teach me a lot of things. This past week in particular, I’ve noticed that many kids (ours included) are not good at playing yet.

It sounds weird. How can they not be? Playing is something that comes naturally to kids, right?

Well, supposedly. But since gadgets are now the new toys of this generation and it keeps kids indoors, most kids today do not know real play.

For example, when it was Mia’s first time to play Langit Lupa (Heaven Earth Tag game), Continue reading

Transitioning to Chapter Books

Did you know that there are gentle and easy-reading chapter books for kids?

I didn’t!

I was not exposed to fiction books when I was Mia’s age. I also don’t have a recollection of anyone in our family reading novels. So you can say I’m pretty clueless on how to transition kids from picture books to text-filled pages with zero illustrations.

I actually almost missed the signs that Mia was ready for it. Have you recently checked if your children are ready too?

Here’s how we started out and it might be helpful to you in spotting for cues. Continue reading

Our Quest for Early Chapter Books

I am currently on the hunt for early chapter books and it has been extra challenging!

Having an advanced young reader is so much fun but it also means I always have to be meticulous in a way that I can’t just pick Harry Potter even though I know she can finish this in just a few days because the plot is still quite scary for her.

So I’m specifically looking for books that match my daughter’s reading capacity AND have storylines that keep the level of innocence of 6-year-olds.

I spent 2 hours at BookSale (I know, too long!) browsing through every shelf, checking subject appropriateness & grade level labels, and reading back cover summaries until the attendants started looking doubtful about whether I was really purchasing something. ?

Well, of course, I did! I was so excited for Mia because I think I found some really good ones.

Here are my best finds that I’m hoping she’ll enjoy. ? Continue reading

Today, my 6-year-old sat on my lap and I embraced her comfortably from behind while I trimmed her fingernails.

It was a calm morning, no shouting, we weren’t rushing, she was already dressed for school, she already finished her breakfast and we were just waiting for the school service.

I started with her pinky and then her ring finger when she suddenly said,

“Awww… I’m so glad I have you in my life, Mom.”

I don’t know if she’s just happy that someone trims her fingernails for her but I heartily replied,

I’m so glad I have you in my life too..


Identifying the Right Educational Program for Your Child

Every parent wants the best possible education for their child, and you have many options available today from which you can choose to provide your child with a quality educational experience. Narrowing down these options can sometimes be a challenge, especially if your child has special needs such as being a gifted learner who thrives on additional stimulation. As you begin exploring the programs in your area, use this guide to understand the key differences between public, private and distance learning options.

Continue reading

Behind The Scenes: Calpol Video Shoot

I was luckily given this opportunity, together with 4 other moms, to be in a promotional video for Smart ParentingCalpol Philippines, and I thought I’d share with you the crazy moments before all of this happened.

It was something I truly didn’t expect because when I attended the pre-interview, there were several times when my mind went blank!

To name one instance, when they asked me the simple question of sharing my special moments with Mia, I couldn’t think of any!

I was so tense, the only thing I managed to say was, Continue reading

Our Trip to the National Planetarium Museum

It’s summertime! I know everyone’s excited to go out of town but we are going farther away. Our first stop – outer space!

We recently visited the National Planetarium Museum and you may want to check them out too while admissions are still FREE! Their shows are open to everyone (5 years old and above) ‪until May 31, 2017 and it’s a great summer activity for the whole family.

Continue reading

Dwane’s Silent Whisper

Today I’d like you to meet Mommy Rana and her son Dwane.

dwayne and mommy rana 3

I met Mommy Rana in 2015 and although it was only in a one-day seminar where we were both participants, I’ve learned a lot from her story and I’m glad she allowed me to share it here.

Dwane was first diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (a mild form of autism) when he was 4 years old.

As a parent, it’s not easy to readily accept that your child has a lifelong disability so Mommy Rana took him to another neuro-developmental pediatrician for a second opinion.

Unfortunately, the 2nd doctor diagnosed him further with ADHD.

For a year, they had to stand against criticisms and the challenges of having a disorder. They had to transfer from one school to another and they were often alienated and called out for misbehavior.

Their story, however, took an interesting turn when they had him checked for the 3rd time. Continue reading

What Natural Childbirth Is Really Like

It was my first time and I was still so naive.

I didn’t know how it would feel for a water bag to break. I had no idea how painful contractions would really be even though I read about it numerous times. I also didn’t think there would be so much more to the birthing process than the coming out and cutting of the umbilical cord.

There are many tiny details that no one tells us about and that’s the main reason I’m sharing my birthing experience.

If you’re a soon-to-be mom planning to have a natural birth, consider this a What To (Really) Expect guide. I promise you’ll be more prepared than I was — physically and mentally — if you read this till the end.

If you’re a seasoned mom, feel free to laugh at my embarrassments. I was a total amateur. LOL.

From labor to delivery, here’s how my big day went.

(WARNING: Explicit content. Mention of private parts. Please read medically.?) Continue reading

How To REALLY Prepare For A Baby

If you are expecting or planning to have a baby, I’m so glad you are on this page because today, I’m sharing tips on how to REALLY prepare for mom and dad life.

This is a “special” rehearsal checklist that you won’t often find in baby books and if you manage to tick off every thing in this list before your due date, I can guarantee that you’re going to rock motherhood (or fatherhood) ! ?  Continue reading

Question To Ask To Get Your Child Talk About His Day

One way to know how our kids are doing in school is to ask who their FAVORITE and NOT SO FAVORITE playmates are for the day and WHY.

I tried this many times with Mia and I get interesting tiny details I would have no way of knowing if my question is just the usual, “How was your day?”

It also gives me an idea who she often hangs out with and if there might be kids who are bullying her. Ding ding! Continue reading

Why Your Preschooler Can’t Sleep At Night

If you’re wondering why your preschooler cannot sleep at night and you’ve already eliminated sugar high, new toys, scary movies, illnesses, or overstimulation, it may be because there are little things bothering him in school. Yes, just like adults, they think about their troubles at night too.

The school is a social environment and oftentimes, kids get anxious or confused as to why teachers and classmates act in certain ways.

The only problem is they don’t tell us right away. It could be because they cannot talk very well yet or we’re probably not asking the right questions to bring it out. Continue reading

Our Annie Story

It was the opening night of Annie The Musical and we couldn’t be happier that our 2-month wait was finally done!

We availed of the 25% Early Bird discount last July and we were so excited for Mia to have her first theater experience as part of the audience.

We are big Annie fans and I remember a time when Mia would sing along with the movie soundtrack EVERYDAY. The whole playlist was our morning alarm clock and it never failed to Continue reading