A Hug A Day Can Brighten Someone’s Day

Our daughter loves hugs.

She doesn’t like kisses that much but she loves to hug.

Whenever we go to a mall or to a restaurant, she gets very excited and she shares her happy energy to all.


The first time she did that, I got so surprised.

Who does that?!

The guard was surprised too.

And I remember telling her,

“Wow. Mia, that was sweet of you. What was the hug for?”

They have the most important job. They keep us safe in the mall.” ?


And to think, these are people we don’t usually pay attention to. We seldom smile or even make eye contact. We just couldn’t wait to get in! 

At first, I was a bit worried that it was too much. I mean a simple Hi is good enough.

But I wasn’t sure if it was right to stop her.

In this one, you’ll hear the the lady guard saying,

“Wow… Nice o… Miss ko na yung anak ko.”

To me, the hug was just a greeting but to that lady guard, it may have meant more.

Like us, she is also a mother! And her kid, I would assume, is in the province, just like the case of most of our kasambahays.

I’m so glad Mia somehow eased her longing!

She also does the same with grandmas

church ushers,

choir members,

and waiters / waitresses,


as if they are not total strangers.

“Mia, why do you hug them again?” I asked.

“They are hard workers.” ?

I was amazed.

It’s true that children are naturally kind and do not discriminate until adults teach them to.

To her, they are people in our community – the same characters she and her classmates learn in their Araling Panlipunan book.

I’m just glad that the ones she hugs are the ones who often go unnoticed and the ones we often forget to thank.

I usually stand in awe to watch the people she hugged keep the smile on their faces even after the hug was done.

This was when the choir asked Mia to join them for a selfie.?

I would love to be that kind of person.

I won’t be hugging random people soon, but I sure can spread joy in other ways.

Starting with this post. ❤️