I’m the cuddleholic and hands-on mom of this cheerful and overly-expressive 8-year-old who surprises us everyday with amusing lines and delightful conversations. Being an advanced reader at this age, my blog will take you to our slightly different journey as we play, discover, and explore with her.

I have been doing a diary of her milestones and when she began talking in paragraphs at age 1 and started reading at age 2, I realized that this wonderful blessing has to be shared to encourage other families that early learning is indeed possible!

I have witnessed first hand that music is a great teaching tool and that kids learn best through play and you can expect to read a lot of these experiences in my posts.

Join me as I juggle mommy duties and work-at-home tasks, and pick up tiny valuable lessons from my kid along the way.

I write open and honest thoughts on parenting and on strategies that have worked and have not worked for our family.

I’m in the camp who supports breastfeeding, positive parenting, and bringing out the best in kids through songs, story books, and fun educational toys.

I’m the kind of mom who melts when she smiles, melts when she cries, worries when she plays outside, and worries when she doesn’t play outside.

On my sanity breaks, I listen to music, I drown myself in coffee, I dance like there’s no tomorrow, and I sing on top of my lungs until our neighbors complain. Teehee!

If you want to share your baby conversations and parenting views, please do! We are on Twitter and Facebook and you can also email us at mommyjing@baby-talks.com.

Cheers to all Mommies and Daddies!

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about. ― Angela Schwindt

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