Behind The Scenes: Calpol Video Shoot

I was luckily given this opportunity, together with 4 other moms, to be in a promotional video for Smart ParentingCalpol Philippines, and I thought I’d share with you the crazy moments before all of this happened.

It was something I truly didn’t expect because when I attended the pre-interview, there were several times when my mind went blank!

To name one instance, when they asked me the simple question of sharing my special moments with Mia, I couldn’t think of any!

I was so tense, the only thing I managed to say was,

“Uhm, when we eat french fries together.”

Wow Jing… very healthy… 😆

I meant to say Mia seldom eats french fries so whenever we go out on a date and order fries, it becomes a special happy moment for her.

But the only words that came out of my mouth were,

“We eat french fries together. “

Hooray. Smart parenting. 😂

I went home thinking I totally screwed it so imagine my shock when I got a callback weeks later for the actual shooting day.

I was nervous and, at the same time, excited because I have always worked behind the camera and it rarely happens that I am on cam.

So when we arrived at the location, I was feeling very positive but unfortunately, Mia wasn’t.

We were in the building’s lobby when she started crying and I couldn’t understand why.

“Mia, what’s wrong?”
“I wanted to nap in the taxi but you didn’t let me.”
“Nap? Did you really say nap? There wasn’t enough time anak, it was only a 10min ride..”

Now before you put all the blame on me here, I want you to know that Mia no longer naps. EVERYDAY she refuses to have her afternoon snooze and we have kind of given up.

So it was really surprising to hear the heavenly words that every mom wants to hear – I want to nap.

Oh and may I just add that she rarely cries too?!

But that day.. of all the days!

I wondered if we could survive the shoot having started it in a bad light. (Lord.. help!)

If you’re a parent, I’m sure you know pretty well how difficult and irrational kids can get when they’re sleepy.

She continued to cry as we lined up for the elevator and asked,

“Why do you not care about me, Mommy?…”

“Of course, I care about you. I even loaded your bag with your favorite snacks. I just didn’t think you’d want to nap. You always say NO to naps.”

I entered the holding room looking so distressed 😩.

I had my heavy luggage of outfits in one hand and my grumpy 5-year-old kid in the other and it was the exact opposite of how I pictured our arrival would be.

When they called me to sit on the make up chair, Mia refused to be separated from me.

So she stayed on my lap, quietly sobbing on my shoulder, while they tried to beautify me.

Why today anak. Huhubels

A few minutes later and after a lot of silent prayers, she finally calmed down.

We were halfway done with make up when she got past her sleepiness and started playing with the other kids.

Thank you Lord! 😇

“Mommy, did you say I have lots of snacks??”

“Yes!! They’re all in your backpack. 🙂”


The kids were then brought to another room to play and watch a movie.

Whew! 😅

(Special shout out to Reggie Goloy for watching over Miatots.. Thank youuu!)

I started feeling more relaxed and positive again.

I thought I’d savor the rare moment that I was being glammed up!

I mean, ever since I’ve become a mom, salon visits have become a luxury so this part of the shoot was like pampering time for me. 😀

When they were done curling my hair, I took a few selfies and waited in my seat. I didn’t even notice that an hour has passed and it was already my turn.

Mia was brought back to where we were

Calpol Video shoot behind the scenes 3

There she was. In a much better mood. Yay!

and right when I was called to be interviewed, she announced,

“Mommy, I need to poop!”


(Is this really happening?? LOL. I can’t believe we will delay the shoot!)

I had to ask one of their staff to help get Mia’s backpack (for the wet tissues) because I had no idea where they kept it. (Pa-diva moment pa. Huhuhu)

I wanted to get it myself but the kids were held on a different floor and I didn’t know my way around their office. (I’m so sorry!)

So we all waited for about 20 minutes for Mia.

Boy she’s got impeccable timing. 😂

I rushed back to the set immediately after I cleaned her up and there I was.

Calpol Video Shoot Behind the Scenes 1

Scrambling for words to answer their questions and feeling the pressure to do things right so I won’t be the cause of further delay.

Could you believe I was wiping my daughter’s butt right before being on-screen. 😂

Calpol Video Shoot Behind The Scenes 6

Thankfully, Mia was already cooperative when it was time for her to join me on the set.

This was us. 😀

Calpol Video Shoot Behind the Scenes 2

Who would think we had all that trouble before we rolled.

I guess we can never be fully prepared when it comes to children. They are downright unpredictable. 😆

Special thanks to Margeaux of Style Panic for the BTS photos.

Here’s the final video.

Video source:

Thank you again Smart Parenting and Calpol for this wonderful experience.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all AMAZING MOMS around the world! ❤️❤️❤️