Behind The Scenes: Enfagrow A+ Video Shoot

First of all, we are truly truly grateful to have been given this opportunity! I didn’t think the rebus puzzles we play at home would go this far! 

Huge thanks to Smart Parenting and Enfagrow for choosing us.❤️ We are so happy we got the chance to play on set and share this game with a lot of families!

A little back story –

A few days before the shoot, Mia lost one of her upper front teeth. What perfect timing eh?

Me, I tried to lose a little weight…and achieved no success.? Boy, I have terrible self-discipline.? So much for preparing to look our best! Haha.

The good thing though was we didn’t have to put up an act and we just had to be our real selves. Mia was also, in fact, an Enfa baby. I used to mix feed – breast milk and Enfalac, then we moved up to Enfapro and then Enfagrow.

I also wished for her to be in a milk ad when she was still a baby, but I was just too sleep deprived to act on that dream.Haha I guess God had better plans for us. I didn’t think I’d be part of it too. It was such a blessing that we got to do this as a mother and daughter team.?‍?

Sharing with you what went on behind the scenes.

This was us getting ready. ?

Look at her having fun with the “professional artists” as she calls them, playing like it was makeover day. ?

And there I was, looking surprisingly calm but actually very nervous inside, praying I wouldn’t eat my words during the interviews again.? Praying also that Mia’s good mood would last all day. Praying she’d readily obey their instructions. Praying she’d easily figure out the answers to the puzzles. So many prayers.haha!

Add my numerous prayers of thanks too.? Between you and me, my key takeaway in all this was the refreshing break from my daily routine.

If you’re a mom who serves your family everyday and doesn’t get a lot of Me time, you’d know exactly what I mean.?

More than being excited that we’d be in an ad together, it was a treat to have a glam team dress us up, do our hair and makeup, and run to fix us in between takes. It was the best mommy day-off ever! LOL

Another good thing, Daddy Chris was there with us too. He took his work with him and said he would try to finish during waiting times, but I don’t think he had any success in that either. LOL

That’s him taking on the stage dad role.?

It must have been relaxing for him to just watch as well.

We shoot corporate videos for a living and we both work behind the camera, so it was delightful to be on-cam this time because we got to sit back and not worry about any production detail. Yay!

Ready for take! ?

Someday, this will be a really nice memory to look back to for our family. All praises to God for making this happen.?

Here’s the final video from Smart Parenting. ?

Thanks for watching! We hope your kids would enjoy playing rebus too! ?