An Afternoon of Fun At Kidzooona Manila

The days are long but the years are indeed short! I can’t believe that Mia is now 4. 🙂

I’m sure she would have enjoyed a Fairy & Pirate themed party but we opted for a simpler celebration this year.

Instead of having a party, we invited three of her closest friends and we had a mini-barkada fieldtrip to Kidzooona at Robinsons Galleria.

We haven’t been to this indoor playground before but we have read good reviews since they opened last November 2014.

We were excited for the toys and the slides but most especially for the pretend shops where they could play dress-up and act like doctors, firemen, bakers, postmen, to name a few.

After having snacks and blowing her candles, our small group eagerly went up to the 4th floor to find this new fantasy play center.

The kids were walking hand in hand and it was so nice to watch them run in excitement towards the entrance.


Hello Kidzooona!

We bought 3-hour tickets and we had 3 full hours of fun!

(Zuri, Roxanne, JJ, parents, and yayas, thank you so much for coming with us. It’s truly more enjoyable experiencing something new with friends. And you made it happen for our birthday girl. So thank you!)

To give you a tour, let’s start with their ROLE PLAY TOWN.

I love this make-believe area. The kid-sized work places and restaurants allow kids to try out different jobs. Among Mia’s favorites are the Patisserie, the Fire Station, and the Ice Cream Shop.


There are different cake flavors to choose from and kids can pretend to design, bake, sell, and serve their goodies in this mini-cake and pastry shop. I initially coached Mia where she can get the ingredients from and what other things she can do before I started acting like a customer wanting to buy one of her “baked products”.

If your kids love cake or love watching you bake, they will surely enjoy this spot. The next time they see a real baker wearing that white chef hat, you can expect them to say, “I was that! I was a baker too!”