Bringing The Pixie Magic To Life

A year ago, Mia’s birthday wish was to have a chocolate cake and candles to blow.

This year, it’s PIXIE DUST.

If you’re not familiar with Tinkerbell and Friends, pixie dust is what they sprinkle on their fairy wings to make them fly. It’s the same dust Peter Pan used to bring the Darling kids to Never Land. At first, they only had gold and blue dust but when Zarina, a dust-keeper fairy, started experimenting, she successfully created more colors.

And this was Mia’s wish.

On the days leading to her 4th birthday, she had been constantly asking if Daddy had already bought her request. And since we didn’t have plans of holding a party this year, we decided to ride her fantasy and bring the magic home. We searched how to make it, bought the materials, looked for containers, and created it. (Thanks to Pinterest!)

We were able to make a variety of colors and it had her screaming in glee!

Lookie 🙂

Pixie Dust Vial_Gold and BlueGold and blue pixie dust in condiment holders.

Here are the materials we used:


liquid food color

fine glitters

jars / containers

That’s it!

We just put a few drops of food color into separate bowls of salt and spread it out using a spoon, until we achieved the shade we wanted. When it was dry, we mixed in a generous amount of glitters and placed it in clear containers.

Her wish to have the ‘dust’ she sees in books and in videos finally came true.

Pixie Dust Multi ColoredOther colors in toothpick containers.

As we watched how busy she got and how serious she looked while mixing all the colors, it made us realize that although we bought her gifts, we could delay giving those for another day, or maybe a week! Haha.

The glittery salt a.k.a pixie dust already did all the magic for us!

And once again, I was reminded of how kids appreciate the smallest of things. They don’t need big, they don’t need a lot, and a dash of make-believe can go a long way.

Even table salt can be extraordinary. 😉

I wish we were this easy to please. There is really a lot we can learn from children.

When she left for school that morning, Daddy said, “Okay na. Kahit yun lang, happy na happy na siya.”

Mia playing with pixie dust

Mia was happy indeed.

Had I not promised and arranged that we would go to Kidzooona that afternoon, we could actually skip it altogether.

That picture was taken at 8 in the morning and it seemed that her day was already complete.

If your kids are into fairies and you’re planning to make one too, here are the recipes I saved. Feel free to choose which ingredient you’d like to use.

Sugar – If you have time to bake and you wish to sprinkle it on cupcakes, ice cream, or cereals, check this recipe from Amber of JadeLouise Designs: Edible Pixie Dust.

Chalk dust or Talcum Powder – If your child is not allergic, I think this one looks best when thrown in the air. See how Jeanine of J9SOPINION did it: Homemade Pixie Dust Recipe.

Salt – If it’s for mere fun and imaginary play, try this recipe that we used from Frugal Edmonton Mama: How To Make Pixie Dust.

For added fun, you can also print this Tinkerbell and Friends playset and glue them into cardboards. Ate F did this for us. You can download it for free from Disney Family Crafts.


Tinkerbell and Friends

They are wonderful for pretend play. Mia sprinkled her dust on these paper standees and acted like they were in Pixie Hollow.

Iridessa and Fawn

Tinkerbell and Friends Playset

A friendly reminder to make sure you have set your rules before giving the dust to your child i.e. don’t touch their eyes, don’t throw it on other kids faces, wash their hands thoroughly or have a complete bath after playing.

If your kids are below 7 years old and cannot follow instructions very well yet, please don’t leave them unattended as they may taste, sniff, or rub it on their eyes.

Also, expect a lot of mess. Daddy Chris and I both had salt on our heads and we were glittery when we picked Mia up from school.

Our neighbors were probably also wondering why colorful particles were flying away from our terrace and falling onto the lower floors. Eeeeeek so sorry. And thank you for your understanding!

It is the closest we can get to the magical world. It is our way of bringing fairy stories to life.

I hope this post brings the same magic to your homes.

Happy Happy 4th Birthday to our dear Mia. 🙂