Transitioning to Chapter Books

Did you know that there are gentle and easy-reading chapter books for kids?

I didn’t!

I was not exposed to fiction books when I was Mia’s age. I also don’t have a recollection of anyone in our family reading novels. So you can say I’m pretty clueless on how to transition kids from picture books to text-filled pages with zero illustrations.

I actually almost missed the signs that Mia was ready for it. Have you recently checked if your children are ready too?

Here’s how we started out and it might be helpful to you in spotting for cues. Continue reading

Our Quest for Early Chapter Books

I am currently on the hunt for early chapter books and it has been extra challenging!

Having an advanced young reader is so much fun but it also means I always have to be meticulous in a way that I can’t just pick Harry Potter even though I know she can finish this in just a few days because the plot is still quite scary for her.

So I’m specifically looking for books that match my daughter’s reading capacity AND have storylines that keep the level of innocence of 6-year-olds.

I spent 2 hours at BookSale (I know, too long!) browsing through every shelf, checking subject appropriateness & grade level labels, and reading back cover summaries until the attendants started looking doubtful about whether I was really purchasing something. ?

Well, of course, I did! I was so excited for Mia because I think I found some really good ones.

Here are my best finds that I’m hoping she’ll enjoy. ? Continue reading

On Stage In PJs

Helloooo! I have been wanting to post about this since their recital day but the chores always keep getting in the way!

Okay, so without further ado, we took Children’s Theater workshops again last April and May and I’m so glad we did it for the second time around.

Set in a bedroom with a giant TALKING BOOK and toys that come ALIVE, Mia played the child in pajamas who witnessed all the MAGIC. It was entitled “The Best Toys” and I think everyone did great! Continue reading

Choosing the Right Storybooks For Your Child

Every once in a while, I would spend an hour or two in Booksale, looking on every shelf, reading cover summaries, and browsing through pages, to find books that would match our child’s interests and reading level.

It is quite challenging to spot stories that are not too lengthy for our 3-year-old but are stimulating enough for her growing vocabulary. Books that are not too complex but are interesting enough to keep her engaged.

If only I could explain that to the store attendants. Continue reading

Children’s Theater: Our Trumpets Playshop Experience

Remember when she insisted on singing with the show band of Bellevue Hotel earlier this year? This summer, we took the opportunity to nurture that spark. If you missed that story, here it is: I’m Taking Note Of Today. (Come back here after! 😉 )

March came and we started scouting for performing arts workshops. Which one to go with? We thought. There were so many to choose from! Many factors to consider too – fees, proximity, schedule, reviews, and the age group as most would only accept 6-year-old kids and above. Continue reading

7 Ways To Teach Emotions To Kids

Mia: Please don’t make your eyebrows meet, Mommy. Don’t be an upset mother Mommy…

This was after I caught her skipping the soap (for the 3rd time) during hand washing. I knew for sure that she would immediately suck her dirty thumb afterwards, so I stood by the bathroom door looking as upset as I could be.

Mia: Smile now Mommy. Be happy.. Continue reading

Unwrapping your Child’s Gifts

Did you take photos while your kids were opening their gifts?

Christmas morning

Their smiles were immeasurable!

I often play the moment back in my head (in slow motion and with background music) when kids rejoice and jump in excitement at the sight of a toy peeking out from the wrappers. It is so beautiful I sometimes wish it’s Christmas all year! Okay, maybe not. Haha. It’s not a very relaxing month for parents to say the least. I actually wish we could get what we’re hoping for too. Rest and alone time maybe? Right, not happening. LOL. Okay, so while our kids are busy enjoying their new toys, I hope you’ll join me in unwrapping another gift before the year ends.

I am actually very happy I am posting this topic this Yuletide season.

Our children are our greatest gifts aren’t they? And because they are, we try our best to get them what they wish for. But have you ever thought that alongside Frozen dolls, talking Ninja Turtles, and Adventure Time toys, another great present to give is to help them discover their gifts? By that I mean the ones they already have in them. Their innate gifts.

I have recently attended a seminar-workshop hosted by Chi Sigma Iota entitiled Counseling the Gifted and I am so excited to share to you all the valuable things I learned for the whole day I was in UP Diliman for it. It was such an eye-opener and I wish I could write everything down without turning this into a 20-page post! So I guess I would just give out the points that struck me the most.

To start off, this post is not limited to parents of gifted kids. I believe the wisdom that resource speaker, Dra. Leticia Peñano-Ho shared would benefit every parent, every family, gifted or not.

In fact, you might actually discover that you (and not just your child) are possibly gifted too. You might actually wish your parents knew so you could have possibly done something about it.

Up to this day, many are still unaware of what giftedness is all about. People (teachers included) only pay attention to “intellectual” ability i.e. very young children identifying the flags of the world, naming countries’ capitals, or reciting the periodic table of elements backwards (what?! haha). So let’s do some quick descriptions to understand it better.

What exactly is Giftedness? Continue reading…

5 Fun Ways to Help Your Baby Talk

Babies cry a lot and we often need to guess why. Do they want more milk? Do they need a diaper change? Is it colic? Are they too tired? Are they feeling sick? If only they could tell us! Well of course, they won’t start talking until they’re about 8-10 months old, and even then, their words still won’t be as clear as we want them to be.

In our country, many parents “baby talk” their kids thinking they are not capable of understanding adult conversations yet. I don’t blame them. Even I thought kids could only start saying understandable words by age 3 or 4. But Mia proved me wrong. Continue reading

Kids Can Read Earlier Than We Think

Mia with Bible BookTo begin, we never intended our daughter to read early. I didn’t see the need for it. I always thought that reading is something we learn in school and not before school. However, all this changed when I caught her trying to read the word LIGHT. This was at a time when she already knew the sound of each alphabet letter because of the phonics videos we let her watch. I’ll tell you more about how she had early exposure on that in a little while.

Anyway, I was working online one afternoon, she was holding a book, and she said, “La – I – Guh – Huh – T”. She was trying to sound off each letter from the word LIGHT. She had a questioning look Continue reading

On Raising Smart Kids

I honestly believe that all kids are smart. Just in different ways. And given the right nurturing, they will shine in their own ways. Oftentimes, parents we come across with would ask what milk our daughter drinks or what shows we let her watch, believing that these products do the magic on kids. While I agree that what they take in and what they view have significant effects, I sometimes wish I could tell them more! Continue reading