Identifying the Right Educational Program for Your Child

Every parent wants the best possible education for their child, and you have many options available today from which you can choose to provide your child with a quality educational experience. Narrowing down these options can sometimes be a challenge, especially if your child has special needs such as being a gifted learner who thrives on additional stimulation. As you begin exploring the programs in your area, use this guide to understand the key differences between public, private and distance learning options.

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Behind The Scenes: Calpol Video Shoot

I was luckily given this opportunity, together with 4 other moms, to be in a promotional video for Smart ParentingCalpol Philippines, and I thought I’d share with you the crazy moments before all of this happened.

It was something I truly didn’t expect because when I attended the pre-interview, there were several times when my mind went blank!

To name one instance, when they asked me the simple question of sharing my special moments with Mia, I couldn’t think of any!

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Dwane’s Silent Whisper

Today I’d like you to meet Mommy Rana and her son Dwane.

dwayne and mommy rana 3

I met Mommy Rana in 2015 and although it was only in a one-day seminar where we were both participants, I’ve learned a lot from her story and I’m glad she allowed me to share it here.

Dwane was first diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (a mild form of autism) when he was 4 years old.

As a parent, it’s not easy to readily accept that your child has a lifelong disability so Mommy Rana took him to another neuro-developmental pediatrician for a second opinion.

Unfortunately, the 2nd doctor diagnosed him further with ADHD.

For a year, they had to stand against criticisms and the challenges of having a disorder. They had to transfer from one school to another and they were often alienated and called out for misbehavior.

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Our Annie Story

It was the opening night of Annie The Musical and we couldn’t be happier that our 2-month wait was finally done!

We availed of the 25% Early Bird discount last July and we were so excited for Mia to have her first theater experience as part of the audience.

We are big Annie fans and I remember a time when Mia would sing along with the movie soundtrack EVERYDAY. The whole playlist was our morning alarm clock and it never failed to Continue reading