Behind The Scenes: Calpol Video Shoot

I was luckily given this opportunity, together with 4 other moms, to be in a promotional video for Smart ParentingCalpol Philippines, and I thought I’d share with you the crazy moments before all of this happened.

It was something I truly didn’t expect because when I attended the pre-interview, there were several times when my mind went blank!

To name one instance, when they asked me the simple question of sharing my special moments with Mia, I couldn’t think of any!

I was so tense, the only thing I managed to say was, Continue reading

Our Annie Story

It was the opening night of Annie The Musical and we couldn’t be happier that our 2-month wait was finally done!

We availed of the 25% Early Bird discount last July and we were so excited for Mia to have her first theater experience as part of the audience.

We are big Annie fans and I remember a time when Mia would sing along with the movie soundtrack EVERYDAY. The whole playlist was our morning alarm clock and it never failed to Continue reading

Celebrating Dads: 12 Commercials That Touched Our Hearts

It’s your turn, Daddies! Whether your children call you Dad, Daddy, Papa, Tatay, Itay, Papi, or Pops, we are celebrating YOU and all the great and wonderful things you do!

This also goes out to all grandpas, mommy-dads, gay dads, adoptive dads, step dads, and single dads who genuinely love their kids from head to toe! We SALUTE you all. You are SUPERHEROES in so many little ways and a true blessing in our lives.

So today, we are treating you to an ad-marathon of our favorite dadvertisements over the years. These 12 picks are going to take you from clear skies to stormy clouds of awww-dorably cute and i-can’t-stop-sobbing commercials. Continue reading

Celebrating Moms: 8 Heartwarming Ads That Made Us Cry

Single moms, working moms, stay-at-home moms, teen moms, adoptive moms, daddy-moms, grandmoms, let there be no competition today!

Whether you’re breastfeeding or formula-feeding, using cloth diapers or disposables, baby-wearing or just happy to push the stroller along, there is no reason to prove who is winning and losing in this parenting thing. We all have one GREAT thing in common and that’s our LOVE for our children. Continue reading

The One Important Thing I Learned After My Kid’s Birthday Party

Ribbon on Surprise GiftIt’s crazy how we get so busy preparing for our kids big day. We want to make it special for them. We want to make it fun and memorable. After all, it’s their most awaited day of the year. I for one, though tight on budget, still tried to pull one.

Customized cake, colorful balloons, loot bags, birthday banner, invitations, lots of kids, and all of those other party favors that spice up children’s parties. Continue reading

Super Why Themed Party: Mia’s 3rd Birthday Celebration

Birthday BalloonsHoooooooooray for 3 years of life! I can’t thank God enough for giving us the best blessing ever! It has been the most exhausting and yet most fulfilling years of our lives. And it’s that moment when we can’t help but say, has it really been 3 years??

We should probably celebrate our 3 years in parenthood too! Woooohooo! We survived! Lack of sleep, unending baby expenses, dirty diapers, toddler tantrums, and lots of sour-smelling pukes! Well, not that we’re really done with all those. But at least, things are not as erratic Continue reading

Our Hands-on Daddyow

daddy and mia on grocery cartWhen Mia was born, I was really thankful that Chris was by my side. He wasn’t the most experienced when it comes to babies, in fact he has no experience at all! LOL. But I witnessed how he tried his best.

For a person who grew up in a house with helpers, I certainly could not imagine him cleaning up baby poop. Sure there was that uneasy look on his face when he first changed Mia’s diaper in the hospital, Continue reading