Celebrating Dads: 12 Commercials That Touched Our Hearts

It’s your turn, Daddies! Whether your children call you Dad, Daddy, Papa, Tatay, Itay, Papi, or Pops, we are celebrating YOU and all the great and wonderful things you do!

This also goes out to all grandpas, mommy-dads, gay dads, adoptive dads, step dads, and single dads who genuinely love their kids from head to toe! We SALUTE you all. You are SUPERHEROES in so many little ways and a true blessing in our lives.

So today, we are treating you to an ad-marathon of our favorite dadvertisements over the years. These 12 picks are going to take you from clear skies to stormy clouds of awww-dorably cute and i-can’t-stop-sobbing commercials.

You can head straight to our top 3 choices at the bottom (if you want to dive right into the feels), or you can enjoy them all before getting all sappy for the heavy downpour (LOL). Those 3 heart-wrenching Thai commercials can really get your macho side down.

Buckle up Dads, it’s going to be a fun, rainy ride.


12. Dad’s First Time Alone with Baby

Dads often have a different approach when it comes to child care. We have to admit it, moms, we can sometimes pick a thing or two from their style and smart ideas. I enjoyed this clever Glad commercial. Pretty neat!

11. Daddy’s Little Girl

Fancy Daddy in this Sprite commercial is totally winning fatherhood. Proud and unashamed of his crazy make-up and glitzy borloloys, you cannot NOT smile when he smiled before closing the door.


10. Playtime with Dad

Though almost identical in concept with Sprite, the many hats that Dad wore in this Mcdo commercial made it cute on its own. Fairies, ballet, tea parties, and princess balls are all too girly for the head of the family. But he did it all. It makes you want to say, “You’re the best, Dad!”



9. Oreo’s Father’s Day

Remember how they first taught us we can dip it in milk? Sweet Oreos. But those subtle facial expressions made it even sweeter.

8. Dove Men Care

Gone are the days of tough, solid-rock, and unemotional father stereotypes. Dove is redefining #RealStrength.

7. Suportahan taka

You probably still use this line up to now. Can you believe this was 14 years ago? Kudos to PLDT for making a mark in Filipinos’ minds.


6. Dad and Andy

If you are a single dad doing the best you can in raising your son/s or daughter/s, this is for you. It is so hard to be a single parent and the sweet exchange of handwritten notes in this Whirlpool ad certainly pulled our heartstrings.

…when skies are gray… I love that song.

5. The Cheerios Effect

Adoptive gay-Dad: “I don’t have confidence for myself, for all my life. But for this… I know. We’re good parents.”

Beat that.

Applause for Cheerios for featuring real stories and supporting LGBT parenting.

4. Happy Father’s Day, Mom

Single moms – we honored you last month and we are honoring you again. You totally deserve a double celebration for the 2 difficult roles you play. Here’s to balancing softness and strength everyday.

Angel Soft tissues, anyone?


HEAVY DOWNPOUR (Keep Kleenex nearby.)

3. Closer

If you lost mom and dad has been your pillar of strength, don’t watch this Line mobile messenger ad.

I warned you… Huhuhu.

2. Dream for my Child.

This ULTIMATE tear jerker is my favorite. Excuse me for a while, I’d like to curl into a ball and cry some more.

MetLife Insurance

1. Silence of Love.

Though I love #2, this had me bawling like a baby! Why so good Thais? Why?

Thai Life Insurance

Go ahead, give those insurances a call.

I mean Dad. Give Dad a call. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this list!

And DADs, I hope you know how much we appreciate you.

You have a special touch that makes you “Dad”. And we love you for it.

Thank you.

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