Dressed For No Occasion

Do you allow your kids to choose what to wear?

If you’ve read my previous post, It’s Dress Day Everyday, you’d know that my answer to that is yes, we do.

The clothing wars are one of the battles I’ve happily lost. 🙂

We let Mia pick her outfit everyday and it has transformed our stressful mornings into exciting ones!

She’ll often come up with combinations I never thought would go well together and colorful ensembles I can’t ever pull off in public. LOL

The beautiful thing about kids is that they don’t care about what others think and they’re just very happy and proud to wear their choices.

So although we get a lot of odd looks and long stares from people all the time, I’ve learned to ignore them! Haha 🙂

Take this unironed dress with a bubble wrap cape for example.


Fancy ehh? 🙂

When she is free to be whoever she feels like to be, she is actually much happier!


So some days, she’s a rockstar princess.

Other days, she’s a flower fairy.


And most days, she’s an angel.

In the grocery store,


at the weekend market,


and even at church,


she’d wear that angel outfit.


Why not! 🙂

So if your kid insists on wearing his Captain America costume even if it’s no longer Halloween, know you’re not alone.

And I say, give it a go.

If it adds to our children’s confidence and if it doesn’t make them sick, then let the stares begin.

Don’t think embarrassment, think EMPOWERMENT!

(Just always bring an extra set of clothes to change to. Chances are, they’ll get hot, and they’ll want to remove it later.)


What outrageous outfit has your kid worn in public? Do you let your kids wear whatever they want? To what limits?