Fun Imagination Game To Play With Your Child

One of my favorite imagination games with Mia is what we call Has It Ever Rained. 

Whenever we need to pass time or put up with long waits, we always imagine what it would be like if one day, it’s not water that falls but something else.  

The idea came about after we read this book.

By Maria Leonard

By Marcia Leonard & R.W. Alley

As you see in the cover, the giant baby’s tears turned into a river.

Also, in one of the stories inside, it rained sunflower seeds because another giant planted sunflowers that grew so tall; it towered over the trees!

Raining Sunflower seeds

So sometimes, whenever Mia feels gloomy, I ask her to think happy or silly thoughts and fill in this blank –

Has it ever rained ______?

JING: Okay, me first. Has it ever rained MILK?
MIA: Whoa! I’ll stick my tongue out and taste it!
JING: Me, I’ll grab a glass and wait for it to fill!
MIA: It’s going to be a milky planet, Mom!

MIA: My turn! Has it ever rained FRENCH FRIES?
JING: Yum! Oh no, Mommy’s going to be so fat!

It never fails to make us giggle!

It can be any of your favorite things too.

JING: Has it ever rained MARSHMALLOWS?
MIA: Wow!!! I will eat a lot and make it my bed!

MIA: Has it ever rained melted CHOCOLATE?
JING: We’re going to be so sticky!!! We’ll have chocolate covered hair and chocolate stained clothes!
MIA: I know, I’ll use an umbrella!
JING: That will make you look like a chocolate fountain!
MIA: And then it will drip on the marshmallows that are already on the ground. Yummy!

You can also try silly things.

MIA: Has it ever rained BABY FROGS?
JING: Eeeeeeeeek! Are they all jumpy? I’ll hide inside a tent! 🐸🐸🐸
MIA: We will hear croaks everywhere!

JING: Has it ever rained COFFEE?
MIA: That’s bitter Mom!
JING: But it will keep me up all day!

MIA: Has it ever rained WORMS? 🐛🐛🐛
JING: How about ANTS? 🐜🐜🐜
MIA: How about FISH? 🐠🐠🐠

No!!! 😂

You can also try these:

Cotton candy
Stuffed toys

What would you add? I’m sure your kids will come up with crazy ideas.

Let us know in the comments section below. 👇

MIA: Has it ever rained LOVE?

JING: You mean, hearts?

MIA: Yes. I think raining LOVE is the best rain.

Yiiii. Happy rain. 🙂

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