Hello Gymnastics!

This summer, we are taking a break from children’s theater and we are trying out new things!

Because she has too much energy and she always attempts heart-stopping acrobatic stunts in our sofa and in our beds, we looked for a gymnastics class.


We availed of the free trial at Club Gymnastica and after seeing how fun it was to run and jump in a safe environment of foams and mats, we enrolled.

Here you go anak. Tumble all you want. 😆

We signed up for 12 sessions, 2 hours/day, 3x a week.

24 sessions is actually cheaper but we’re not yet sure if this is something she’ll pursue so we’ll see first.

It will be a bonus if she’d want to be a gymnast someday but for now, our goal is for her to have some good exercise and to meet new friends.


Turns out, after our first week, we’re actually getting more than what we hoped for. Yay!

Aside from socialization and from keeping her away from gadgets all day, this is good practice for obedience, discipline, and concentration.

During the first few days, the coaches had to call her multiple times before she would come back to her spot.

“Mia.. Mia.. Mia! MIA!!!” 😅 😅 😅

Walking on the balance beam and doing the stunts also forces her to focus.


So in a way, I call this – preparation for grade school. 😀


In a fun way. 😀

Here are more videos I took.

And of course, the kids’ favorite – the Trampoline. It’s so hard to get her out of there.

If you’re also interested, here’s the link to the locations, schedules, and other sports you can enroll to:

Milo Summer Sports Clinic 2017

Friendly tip:

Call in to schedule your free trial. Bring a jug of water, a fan, a book to read, and some snacks. 🙂


What activities are your kids doing this summer? Let us know in the comments below. 😀