I’m Taking Note of Today

You know how it is when children suddenly sing and dance on their own but when you ask them to do it again in front of family and friends, you get an outright “No!”? And you end up convincing or begging them please because it would be so much fun if only they would?

We get that most of the time too.

Except on one particular day. January 1st.

We were out for a family dinner and Mia was so happy to see a band that she immediately thought of playing her toy violin with them.

Mia with her violin

She positioned herself there.

It was a coincidence that we brought the toy along. This was her Aunt’s Christmas gift and she has recently learned how to put it on top of her shoulder and tuck it under her chin.

I was a bit worried that the violin sounds would disturb the musicians but there was no way I could get her out of there without making a scene. No matter how many times we called her back to our table, she would say no and continue to pretend that she was really part of the band.

Where did she get all the confidence to do this?, we all thought.

The only time she went back and ate with us was when I waved a few grapes on a stem to persuade her.

I was relieved to see her seated. We could finally eat without feeling nervous about what she would do next.

But not for long!

While I was feeding her, she suddenly thought of singing with them. She started INSISTING on it after every spoonful I gave. I was amused but I was equally stressed in explaining why she cannot.

MIA: I want to sing Mommy. I want to sing now.

(Seriously? Now?)

Later Mia. I’ll ask if we can. We’re not the performers tonight..

MIA: But I want to sing.

We’re guests this evening anak. We’ll eat and have dinner first.

MIA: I want to siiiiiiiiiiiiing….

Okay, what are you going to sing?

(No answer)

MIA: I want to sing now Mommy.

(Great. No particular song in mind.)

When they’re done, maybe we can ask if you can have a turn.

MIA: I’m about to cry Mommy..

A tantrum was indeed heating up and tears were starting to fill her eyes. I quickly pulled her out of the high chair, hugged her tight, and brought her out.

It took a few minutes of repetitive explanations before I was able to calm her down. We only went back in when the band has finished their first set. Good thing the stage was cleared and I got the chance to sit her on the beat box.

MIA: I don’t want to sit here. I want to sit there (on the vocalists chair where the microphone was).

I transferred her there, handed the mic over, and said,

Here, you can pretend to be the singer. (Confident that the main switch was off)

MIA: How do we turn it on?

No, we can’t. It’s not ours.

MIA: I want to turn it on.

I don’t know how (char). It doesn’t belong to us.

MIA: I want to turn it oooooooooonnn.

The vocalist who was not very far must have heard our conversation and approached us.

Vocalist: Hi little girl, what do you want to sing?

(No answer)

Vocalist: Twinkle twinkle?

MIA: Yes.

(yes? as in?)

Vocalist: Okay, we’ll call you later on our second set.

(Oh my nanay)

She didn’t quite get what second set meant so the whining continued,

MIA: Turn the mic oooonnn… Turn the mic ooooonnn…

It took a lot of explaining again before I was able to get her off of the singer’s chair.

After a few minutes, the band was back on again. Mia was dancing on the side this time. She was truly enjoying the music and she was so delighted when they finally called her name to sing with them. She rushed in front (yes, rushed is the word), sat on the chair, and held the mic.

She wasn’t shy or nervous at all. It was as if she had been doing this all her life.

We were all nervous as she did what she did.

I was afraid she’d put up an attitude and not give the mic back or something. I was worried she’d delay the band and just play silly voices for all the people to hear.

But she didn’t.

Here’s the vid.

I know it’s just a nursery rhyme, but her eagerness to perform and be in front of so many guests was a surprise for us.

She even said “Again, again!” when it ended and sang it for the second time around.

She was really sure of what she wanted.

She really wanted to sing.

And she did.

And so I am taking note of today.

So I can tell her someday.

That this is how she was when she was 3.

And though her interests may change in the coming years, I’d like her to know that this is what she wanted to do at one point in her childhood.

This is what she would throw a tantrum for. Haha

In fact, she still had a hangover the following morning.


Happy New Year everybody!


What are your kids into? Are you taking notes too?