In A Snap!

Preschoolers. One minute they’re as sweet as candy and the next minute, they’re an unstoppable volcanic eruption. It really drives me crazy.

Do you have days like this? When everything is going so smoothly and in just a snap, boom! Gone. They go limp and it’s suddenly thunder and lightning.

A few days ago when I picked Mia up from school, I was surprised how our quality time was cut short.

You see, I love picking her up. The way her eyes light up when she sees me from their glass door is pure joy. She would scream ‘Mommy! Mommy!’ and run to me with beaming smiles as if we haven’t seen each other for years.

I tell you, this is something I will cherish when I get old. That face. That lovely energy. That beautiful soul.

“Mommy picked me up!” she would proudly say.

And then she’d flash her smile again and merrily hold my hand as we walk home.

It is such a wonderful feeling. Thank you heavens.

But just a few steps past the school gate, my milk munchkin suddenly turned sour.

All because I didn’t agree to drop by the park before heading home.

Our supposedly happy stroll became a complete drag.

I want to goooooo.

Not yet, Mia. We can go back in the afternoon when the sun is not too hot anymore.

No… I want noooooooow.

Why do you always not do what I want, Mommy?

(OMG can’t believe she said that)

Why do you not obey what I say, Anak?

Because I waaaaant… I waaant the playground..

I know you want to play but it’s time to go home and eat lunch before you start to feel sleepy.

Noooooo. I want the slide Mommy. I want to slide!!!

We will go back when it’s 4 o’clock.


Stop going straight, Mommy. We need to turn left. That’s where the playground is!

No, honey, I’m sorry.

Noooooooo! Stooooop! Why do you keep on walking Mommy??

Nooooooo!!! Woowaaaaaaaa!

Carry me!

What? Wait, you’re too heavy.

Why are you not carrying me? Woowaaaaaaaaaa!

Okay, I’ll carry you.

No, I don’t like.

You’ll walk then.

No, I don’t like.

Carry me! Woowaaaaaaaa!

Why don’t you let me go, Mommy?

Because I don’t like you to get burned. The sun is high and too hot at noon. The slides and monkey bars are probably hot too.

I waaaaaaant to gooooooo!!!

It was a long stretch. A lot saw me struggling – carrying her in one arm and her school bags in the other. A lot heard her shrieking and screaming, pushing my legs to turn left, stopping me from going straight, refusing to walk, begging to be carried, repeat.

Why didn’t I see this coming? Was school too tiring that morning? But she wanted to play, right?

She still wasn’t done when we reached our door.

I don’t want to wash my hands!!!!

We have to.


Why do you not let me NOT wash my hands???

If you don’t wash, I’ll have to wash them for you.


I don’t like!!!!



And then all of a sudden, she blurted and cried,

I want to naaaaaaaaaap, Mommy.

And I thought this was about not going to the playground.

Hug me, Mommy…

Okay. Good nap, Anak.

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  1. I remember wen janna & jai on that stage..demanding…and for 9 yrs teaching experience as prescol teacher ganyan talaga.gusto nila ang masusunod.wat i did is to be NO can’t be yes and promise is a promise too.hehehh

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