Life With A Kid In Tow

HELLO everyone!!! It has been quiet here for almost 3 months and I couldn’t be happier that I got to finally post today!

I swear I always try to write. I really do. I have about 12 drafts waiting (each with a few sentences that I wrote in increments) but none of them seem to close.

Well, until today. Yey!

Thanks to a friend who referred a cleaning lady to us. She comes in twice a week and she is a huuuuge help. I get a refreshing break from the daily chores and I get to actually sit, think, and compose something.

(All my admiration goes to moms who write and chase tiny tots all day! You got serious SKILLS! )

Okay, so where do I start? Not much has happened really, except that I have grown bigger.. and wider.. eeeeeeek.. and Mia and I have become closer than ever.

With no yaya for 4 months now, I bring her everywhere I need to be.

Be it bank transactions, license renewal, biometrics registration, bill payments, and even videoke nights, I always have her in tow.

It’s not easy…

(It’s really not! haha)

But I’m just thankful that she takes every day as a new adventure.

I cannot say they’re all pleasant adventures but I guess it’s true that kids being naive and all can often find something interesting in unfamiliar places.

One time, she asked:

MIA: Are we going to do errands again this afternoon?

Me: Yes.

MIA: What are we going to ride today?

Me: Maybe the jeepney.

MIA: I like the jeepney!

HAH! I don’t think anyone expresses their love for the jeepney these days anymore!

And much as we hate how jam-packed the MRT is, she likes it too. Think T-R-A-I-N my friends. Choo choo!

You think she wouldn’t like the bus? I thought so too! But the wheels go round and round yah know and the driver goes beep beep beep, beep beep beep!

You sang that line didn’t you? LOL.

It was tough in the beginning though.

I had to constantly ask her not to touch this and that, to keep quiet while I fill up forms, to patiently wait (by far the hardest) while I sign important contracts, to always stay on the safe side, to behave, and to conform.

Mia_LTO 2

at LTO Shaw Blvd.

Plus, all the commuting, heavy traffic, long lines, and hours of waiting – she goes through it too.

(So sorry, Anak!)

The worst, by far, was when we arrived at Terminal 3 of NAIA early January.

The queue at the taxi stand was very long and NOT moving at all. I figured we could either wait 3-4 hours in line just to be over-billed (I heard the drivers charge P1,200 to P2,800 – almost the price of an airline ticket – no thanks) or take the shuttle (yes, there’s one now), which had an equally long queue but was at least advancing, and then hail a cab somewhere else.

We did that and it took us an agonizing hour to get to Taft Ave. and hi-ho-unlucky-ho there were no available taxis there too! No Uber or Grab either. So we painstakingly climbed the towering stairs of MRT with our 15kg luggage, a heavy bulky backpack, and a kid-sized stroller bag.

Boy, did I discover strength I never knew I had!

In total, it took us 3 rides to get home. Imagine the transfers. It was horrible. Huhu #neveragain

The only good thing was I didn’t hear a single complaint from our 4-year-old. She was remarkably and surprisingly resilient. Perhaps she knew I was carrying more than I could handle so she obeyed every single instruction I gave and she never let go of my hand.

After that incident, I guess I can say that more than being mother and child, we have officially become buddies.

And she must have felt it too. One night she said to me,

Mommy, when I die… I want you to die too.

See, buddy to death. LOL

Mia & Me

I also get more ILoveYous now than I used to get before.

Yesterday, while I was wrapping her in a bath towel, she suddenly said,

Mommy I love you. I love you so much.

Mushy ehh? Sniff sniff.

She gave me a tight hug and followed it up with:

Mommy, I smell you. You smell already.



I didn’t see that coming.

I guess brutal honesty is part of being buddies too, huh.

Ok, I’m next in the tub.

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