Make-up Buffet, Anyone?

red palms“Doc, I think Mia may have swallowed some of my lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, mascara, and cologne!”

I was trembling while I was talking to our pediatrician on the phone. She strongly advised to immediately take Mia to the ER and have her vital signs checked.

Headline: Baguhang Ina Nataranta ng Malamang Tinikman ng Anak ang Kanyang mga Make-up. Ininom din umano nito ang kanyang cologne. Ang buong ulat mula kay Marc Logan? Pasok.

Who wouldn’t panic?!

I seriously got scared of poisoning and thought we quickly needed a neutralizer or an antidote to counteract any toxins before it was too late.

It was a good thing that I called another doctor who taught me how to check for vitals signs at home. She was a family friend of ours and our funny conversation went like this:

Doc: What happened?

Me: I found her on the bed with my lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, and mascara. She said she tasted all of it! I asked if she swallowed them and she proudly answered YES!

I found my cologne empty too! And when I asked if she drank it, she again proudly answered yes!

(Why oh why Anak. Why.)

I then asked how it tasted to confirm if she really drank it and she said it tasted bad.

(The doctor was laughing.)

Doc: Relax Jing.. She probably didn’t ingest a lot. Can you make her eat raw egg white?

Me: Umm, No. I don’t think so.

Doc: I didn’t think so either. Okay, what brand is the lipstick?

Me: Brand? Umm, L’Oreal?

Doc: And the lip gloss?

Me: Victoria’s Secret.

(Free advertising. Sorry, this was really how our conversation went. Apparently, there are brands that are more dangerous than others when ingested. So if this happens to you, be prepared to tell your doctors or bring the containers in the hospital so they can check the ingredients.)

Doc: The lip balm?

Me: Maybelline.

Doc: The mascara?

Me: Rimmel Lycra and Ever Bilena. (ahihi)

Doc: Okay. I wouldn’t be worried Jing. The brands are safe and I really think she didn’t swallow a lot as she said they tasted bad. (It really helps when your doctor knows your child very well.) How is she now?

Me: She’s dancing on the mat.

Doc: That’s good. I think she’s fine. But you can check and monitor if she would later have fever or difficulty in breathing.

Me: Thank you Doc.

What a relief.

When we got off the phone, I started counting Mia’s breaths.

And in just a few minutes, I worriedly called her back. I got the normal heart beat mixed up with the normal number of breaths!

She was laughing at me again. She knew I was still panicking.haha I did the counting for the second time and it was in the normal range.

By the way, you might want to keep a copy of this chart at home too.

vitals signs

Doc: Give her lots of water and let her drink milk to flush it out of her system. It would be good to give her a bath too to wash away toxic chemicals that she may have acquired.

And we did.

And I prayed all night for her to be fine.


Did your kids swallow something they shouldn’t too? Please share in the comments below. 🙂

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