Makeshift Tents Rock!

You must have seen it on every parenting and kids-activities website there is – play tents are fun and kids love them. There is something about having their own space, with a roof over it, that they totally like. So if you haven’t tried it at home, it’s time to bring those blankets out (never mind if they get dirty), put them over tables and chairs, and let your kids have a good time!

Of course, you can always buy a real tent and camp on your front or backyard – that would be more awesome! But if you haven’t bought one or you’re like us who enjoy impromptu and use-whatever-is-on-hand play days, makeshift would totally do. It is equally enjoyable!

We recently tried the folding bed when we were in Bohol and it worked wonders! haha 🙂

Not so inviting from the outside,

Tent 2

(err.. Pinterest FAIL.)

but the kiddos played in there for a long time!

Under Tent 2

Once it’s set up, just leave them snacks and flashlights and let their imagination take the lead.

They seemed to like the idea that they’re El Gamma Penumbra and that they could make so many silly things with their shadows!

By the way, if you’re feeling crafty and you have spare hoops or clotheslines at home, here are other tent ideas to get inspiration from: 35 DIY Tents. They’re all beautiful and if you have the time and the sewing skills, go for it. Make one, or better yet, two!

When we built a 2nd tent and played Tent Village, we instantly doubled the fun!

tent 3

This swing turned tent is also in the same room where the folding bed tent is. Boy they loved being neighbors and they enjoyed visiting each other’s homes!

under tent 3

Later on, they came up with a Christmas story where one would act like sneaky Santa and drop some toys in while the other two were pretending to be asleep. They would switch roles afterwards so everyone gets a chance of waking up with all the Christmas presents!

They had so much fun with all the possibilities that they played it for 3 consecutive days while imagining themselves camping in different places – on a snowy island, in a hidden forest, and even on the moon (forget gravity haha).

And when all was done and it was time for her playmates to go,

under tent 3a

 it became her quiet little haven.

What other makeshift things have you done at home? Share in the comments box below. We would love to try it too! 🙂