Meet Kayla

Last week, our 4-year-old was questioning why we named her Mia. She wanted to know why we didn’t pick out a name that ends with La.

In her opinion, names that end with “La” and “Bel” sound prettier. And she of course wants to be.. pretty.

Me: Hey, you have Bel in your name, Mia Isabel.

Mia: But I want La too. Why did you agree with Daddy’s choice, Mommy?

Me: Because I think Mia is a pretty name too. I have Maria in my name and Mia is the shorter version. I want us to be the same.

Mia: But I like Kayla. You said you were supposed to name me Kayla when I was born.

Me: Yeah… But I didn’t know you’ll like it too until you told me today.

Mia: Can we still change my name?

Me: Uhm.. That’s kind of hard to do..

Mia: I want Kayla…… Can I be Kayla?