Momma Karma #2

Paracetamol Kiddilets Did you take Aspilets when you were little?

They must have renamed it to Kiddilets. 🙂

I remember hiding under the bed and eating those candy looking tablets because Mama would only give me 1 every 4 hours when I was sick. Not that I wanted to get well really fast, but because they tasted so good! One was simply not enough! LOL.

Thankfully, I didn’t get caught. And I didn’t end up in the hospital. Nothing happened to me actually. Even if I ate a whole pack. And probably a few more packs until supplies lasted.

(Hey, DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME. I repeat, DO NOT THIS AT HOME. I was probably just lucky I didn’t get overdosed.)

The only reason I’m telling this story is because just recently, Mia ate some things she wasn’t supposed to eat too.

I left her in the room to nap with Daddyow and when I came back to check if she has fallen asleep, I was shocked to see these marks on our pillows.

Lipstick stains 1

Blood?? How? We didn’t leave any sharp or pointed objects hanging around, did we?

Lipstick stains 2

Boy was I panicking!

“What did you do Mia?? Are you hurt? Why are there red stains everywhere??”

I quickly checked her whole body for wounds or scratches!

And then this:


Turns out, those were all lipstick stains.

She TASTED everything inside my kikay kit – mascara included! She also emptied my cologne and swallowed half of my tutti-fruity lip gloss. Because.. well.. why not, right? Whole story here.

Thank goodness she wasn’t poisoned. She was probably too curious on why I don’t let her try my stuff.

MIA: Mommy, the lip balm was yummy.

(Umm, glad you liked it honey but don’t you ever taste the other ones again.huhuhu)

Photo source: Unilab