Our Firsts

It has been an incredible year of firsts for my kid and for me as a mom too.

Do you still remember how it felt when you first put your child in school? 

I wish I shared these photos as they happened but I was too busy savoring every moment.hihi Everything was a new experience for us and I didn’t want to miss any minute of it!

So here I am compiling all of them in one post.

Sharing to you the fun times of our first year in preschool. 🙂

First ID picture.

ID Picture


First time to be in a class.


 Momma on stalking mode by the door. 😉

She was only 2 and half years old back then. We tried the summer playschool program to see if she’d thrive in the classroom setting. And since she did and she looked happy and interested, we enrolled her came June.

First Linggo ng Wika.

Filipiniana dress

Stage Dad. 😉

This was when the program ended. She recited the poem Ulan on the microphone after everyone has left.

But prior to that, she sang and danced Bahay Kubo together with her classmates in this Filipiniana dress 🙂

First contest.

Young Achievers Contest

I didn’t think we’d join branch competitions this early. A thank you shout out to her teachers for giving us this opportunity. It was a great experience and we were very glad that the school didn’t put too much pressure on the kids. They made sure that the atmosphere was light, fun, and game-like. 🙂

Playful Kulots 🙂

Did we win? No.Hihi She missed some questions and we didn’t make it to the difficult round. We’re still behind when it comes to focus and attention span. Maybe next time. 🙂

First reading recital in a lioness costume.


So glad Mamoo made it to this day. Their class performed The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

First Moving Up Ceremony

Did I have tears of joy? You bet I did! Hahaha


Gold medal and certificate

Hooray for our Gold Awardee!

3 awardees again

Our hearts were filled with joy.

Thanking God for everyone we met in this journey. Cheers and Happy Vacation To All!