Our Quest for Early Chapter Books

I am currently on the hunt for early chapter books and it has been extra challenging!

Having an advanced young reader is so much fun but it also means I always have to be meticulous in a way that I can’t just pick Harry Potter even though I know she can finish this in just a few days because the plot is still quite scary for her.

So I’m specifically looking for books that match my daughter’s reading capacity AND have storylines that keep the level of innocence of 6-year-olds.

I spent 2 hours at BookSale (I know, too long!) browsing through every shelf, checking subject appropriateness & grade level labels, and reading back cover summaries until the attendants started looking doubtful about whether I was really purchasing something. ?

Well, of course, I did! I was so excited for Mia because I think I found some really good ones.

Here are my best finds that I’m hoping she’ll enjoy. ?

  • Judy Moody Gets Famous
  • Time Magazine’s Big Book of Why
  • Magic Tree House Series: Afternoon on the Amazon, Dinosaurs Before Dark
  • Jake Drake Bully Buster
  • The Magic School Bus Series: Wild Whale Watch, Space Explorers, Twister Trouble
  • No Flying in the House
  • Classics: The Secret Garden, Heidi
  • God’s Little Devotional Book for Kids

A mix of fiction, non-fiction, classics, school life, science, and books that help build character that will hopefully last us until March. Or perhaps February. She’s quite fast and I often underestimate her speed.

Like during the holidays, I brought 2 pocket books with us, thinking it was more than enough, and I was surprised to see her finish each book in just one sitting!

So this time, I made sure I grabbed a handful to keep in stock.? I bought these 12 books for P980 (not bad eh?) and I wish I found more but I already exhausted myself.

Till my next book hunt!


What books do your kids enjoy reading? Please share the titles! We’d love to try them out too!