Could Our Advanced Kids Be Losing Their Childhood?

Can you still recall what you were doing when you were 5 or 6? 

I remember being outdoors, chasing dragonflies, running around with our neighbors, blowing plastic balloon together, sipping the nectar off the stems of santan flowers, eating aratilis, munching on haw flakes after saying body of christ (oops), and shouting Pink 5 after four other kids yelled Red 1, Green 2, Blue 3, and Yellow 4. Continue reading

You’re Not A Good Motherrrrr!

You bet, I’m not. 

I wasn’t very proud of myself that day.

I remember it was the week before Christmas when Mia and I were in a crowded bazaar, and she was constantly getting bumped into by eager shoppers.

Must have been irritating for her. Clearly not a place for children.

But I needed to buy some gifts. Fast. Which I should have known is impossible to do with a kid in tow!

Continue reading

What Yayas Do When We’re Not Looking

On the numerous times I’ve been to parks and school pick-ups, I’ve seen different kinds of yayas and how they handle our kids.

I don’t watch their every move, of course. But I overhear them most of the time and they display similar behaviors in the absence of a “boss”.

So consider me your extra pair of eyes when you’re at work. Continue reading

On Stage In PJs

Helloooo! I have been wanting to post about this since their recital day but the chores always keep getting in the way!

Okay, so without further ado, we took Children’s Theater workshops again last April and May and I’m so glad we did it for the second time around.

Set in a bedroom with a giant TALKING BOOK and toys that come ALIVE, Mia played the child in pajamas who witnessed all the MAGIC. It was entitled “The Best Toys” and I think everyone did great! Continue reading

When Being At Home Pulls You Down

I love being a mom. I can shout that many times for all to hear. I LOVE BEING A MOM!!!


I’d be a hypocrite if I say I love every bit of it everyday.

I don’t. I get bouts of sadness from time to time.

Longing to work again, wanting to earn like I used to again, yearning to continue the career I’ve started – you know, all those things that took a backseat when motherhood started.

Sometimes I ask myself, “What have I become?” Continue reading

Meet Kayla

Last week, our 4-year-old was questioning why we named her Mia. She wanted to know why we didn’t pick out a name that ends with La.

In her opinion, names that end with “La” and “Bel” sound prettier. And she of course wants to be.. pretty.

Me: Hey, you have Bel in your name, Mia Isabel.

Mia: But I want La too. Why did you agree with Daddy’s choice, Mommy? Continue reading

I Call Her Ninong, GIRL.

This is Em.

Jewelry Designer Em Mariano

Jewelry Designer Em Mariano

And yes, you’re not mistaken, that’s Ms.Krissy and Kim Chiu on the set.

He is a long time friend of ours and we couldn’t be more proud of how far he has reached with his jewelry line. I tell you, his handmade pieces are STUNNING!  (Quick look at his designs HERE.)

Anyway, the reason he’s here today is because my 4-year-old is confused about why his godfather acts more like a fairy godmother. Continue reading

When The Misbehavior Is A Cry For Help

It was a Monday afternoon, I was on my desk, when I suddenly heard our daughter shrieking and slamming her toys while playing with our helper.

(This was 3 days after I wrote To Spank Or Not To Spank and it could have been a perfect example for the post had I not published it yet.)

I don’t normally come to the rescue and I just wait for things to calm down when this happens. But Mia was unbelievably angry and my nerves told me to intervene.  Continue reading

Do the highs outweigh the lows of parenting?

If you have a difficult child, you are not alone.

We may seem happy on Facebook and all but that’s because the good times are the only ones I get to capture and post.

The bad ones, well, they are bad. The last thing I can think of during a full-blown tantrum is to take a snapshot. Most of the time, we are in an intense state correcting bad behavior and worrying afterwards if we are actually doing things right. Continue reading

Choosing the Right Storybooks For Your Child

Every once in a while, I would spend an hour or two in Booksale, looking on every shelf, reading cover summaries, and browsing through pages, to find books that would match our child’s interests and reading level.

It is quite challenging to spot stories that are not too lengthy for our 3-year-old but are stimulating enough for her growing vocabulary. Books that are not too complex but are interesting enough to keep her engaged.

If only I could explain that to the store attendants. Continue reading

Finger Puppet Fun

Our 3-year-old has always been fascinated with hands and fingers. I’m not sure why but she gets excited whenever she sees pictures or videos of writing hands, cooking hands, painting hands, or pointing fingers.

She would watch every version of The Finger Family Song and Where is Thumbkin on YouTube and would sing the songs over and over until I could already hear myself humming the same tune even when she’s not around.

So to make those videos come to life, Continue reading

Makeshift Tents Rock!

You must have seen it on every parenting and kids-activities website there is – play tents are fun and kids love them. There is something about having their own space, with a roof over it, that they totally like. So if you haven’t tried it at home, it’s time to bring those blankets out (never mind if they get dirty), put them over tables and chairs, and let your kids have a good time!

Of course, you can always buy a real tent and camp on your front or backyard – that would be more awesome! But if you haven’t bought one or you’re like us who enjoy impromptu and use-whatever-is-on-hand play days, makeshift would totally do. It is equally enjoyable! Continue reading

Celebrating Dads: 12 Commercials That Touched Our Hearts

It’s your turn, Daddies! Whether your children call you Dad, Daddy, Papa, Tatay, Itay, Papi, or Pops, we are celebrating YOU and all the great and wonderful things you do!

This also goes out to all grandpas, mommy-dads, gay dads, adoptive dads, step dads, and single dads who genuinely love their kids from head to toe! We SALUTE you all. You are SUPERHEROES in so many little ways and a true blessing in our lives.

So today, we are treating you to an ad-marathon of our favorite dadvertisements over the years. These 12 picks are going to take you from clear skies to stormy clouds of awww-dorably cute and i-can’t-stop-sobbing commercials. Continue reading