The One Important Thing I Learned After My Kid’s Birthday Party

Ribbon on Surprise GiftIt’s crazy how we get so busy preparing for our kids big day. We want to make it special for them. We want to make it fun and memorable. After all, it’s their most awaited day of the year. I for one, though tight on budget, still tried to pull one.

Customized cake, colorful balloons, loot bags, birthday banner, invitations, lots of kids, and all of those other party favors that spice up children’s parties. Continue reading

Super Why Themed Party: Mia’s 3rd Birthday Celebration

Birthday BalloonsHoooooooooray for 3 years of life! I can’t thank God enough for giving us the best blessing ever! It has been the most exhausting and yet most fulfilling years of our lives. And it’s that moment when we can’t help but say, has it really been 3 years??

We should probably celebrate our 3 years in parenthood too! Woooohooo! We survived! Lack of sleep, unending baby expenses, dirty diapers, toddler tantrums, and lots of sour-smelling pukes! Well, not that we’re really done with all those. But at least, things are not as erratic Continue reading