Why Your Preschooler Can’t Sleep At Night

If you’re wondering why your preschooler cannot sleep at night and you’ve already eliminated sugar high, new toys, scary movies, illnesses, or overstimulation, it may be because there are little things bothering him in school. Yes, just like adults, they think about their troubles at night too.

The school is a social environment and oftentimes, kids get anxious or confused as to why teachers and classmates act in certain ways.

The only problem is they don’t tell us right away. It could be because they cannot talk very well yet or we’re probably not asking the right questions to bring it out. Continue reading

Kids Do Everything to Delay Bedtimes

“Read one book before sleeping Mommy. I promise to read just one book. Not two. Promise. Read one book please. Just one book, promise..”

This was after we had a full day at the mall and I knew she was already too tired and sleepy. She knew I wouldn’t agree because she doesn’t want to read just one, but two, or three books! We will totally be off schedule if I give in. So NO.

“Once there was a little old woman and a little old man..” Continue reading