Unwrapping your Child’s Gifts

Did you take photos while your kids were opening their gifts?

Christmas morning

Their smiles were immeasurable!

I often play the moment back in my head (in slow motion and with background music) when kids rejoice and jump in excitement at the sight of a toy peeking out from the wrappers. It is so beautiful I sometimes wish it’s Christmas all year! Okay, maybe not. Haha. It’s not a very relaxing month for parents to say the least. I actually wish we could get what we’re hoping for too. Rest and alone time maybe? Right, not happening. LOL. Okay, so while our kids are busy enjoying their new toys, I hope you’ll join me in unwrapping another gift before the year ends.

I am actually very happy I am posting this topic this Yuletide season.

Our children are our greatest gifts aren’t they? And because they are, we try our best to get them what they wish for. But have you ever thought that alongside Frozen dolls, talking Ninja Turtles, and Adventure Time toys, another great present to give is to help them discover their gifts? By that I mean the ones they already have in them. Their innate gifts.

I have recently attended a seminar-workshop hosted by Chi Sigma Iota entitiled Counseling the Gifted and I am so excited to share to you all the valuable things I learned for the whole day I was in UP Diliman for it. It was such an eye-opener and I wish I could write everything down without turning this into a 20-page post! So I guess I would just give out the points that struck me the most.

To start off, this post is not limited to parents of gifted kids. I believe the wisdom that resource speaker, Dra. Leticia Peñano-Ho shared would benefit every parent, every family, gifted or not.

In fact, you might actually discover that you (and not just your child) are possibly gifted too. You might actually wish your parents knew so you could have possibly done something about it.

Up to this day, many are still unaware of what giftedness is all about. People (teachers included) only pay attention to “intellectual” ability i.e. very young children identifying the flags of the world, naming countries’ capitals, or reciting the periodic table of elements backwards (what?! haha). So let’s do some quick descriptions to understand it better.

What exactly is Giftedness? Continue reading…