The Question You Shouldn’t Forget To Ask When Interviewing A Potential Yaya

In our 6-month quest for an all-around-helper/yaya, I have interviewed a number of applicants, both from friend referrals and agencies, and there is one thing I’ve learned that I want to share to you.

I learned that the best way to know more about a candidate is to ask if they have questions for you.

It doesn’t seem that important, right? But their questions actually gave me a clearer idea about their personality and attitude towards work compared to all my other questions. 

Unlike in the corporate setting where interviewees are often hesitant to inquire more about the working environment or the compensation, maids are pretty straight forward with the things they want to know.

And believe me, it tells a lot about who they are! (Our yaya talks below would prove that. 🙂 )

So after asking the usual –

Name, Age

Province, Dialect

Family background



Sicknesses we should know about

Work Experience – Chores / Childcare

Why they want to work as maid / yaya

Reason for leaving previous employer

How long they intend to work as a helper (future plans)

Previous / Expected salary


Try asking if there’s something they’d like to ask you.

You will loooove the honesty. But some are… well.. you be the judge. 🙂

Here are the ones that made me laugh and shake my head after asking:

May tanong ka ba sakin? May gusto ka pa bang malaman?

(See English version on Page 2.)

Applicant no. 1

“Ma’am nasanay kasi ako na nagpapahinga sa hapon, pwede ba magpahinga pag mga 1pm ganun?”

“Pwede naman..”

“Ma’am, may washing machine po ba kayo o kakamayin ko lang? Marami po bang labahin?”

Parang natatamad magtrabaho si ate. Next please.hehe

Applicant no. 2

“Ma’am ayoko po sana ng naninigaw at yung nagmumura.”

“Ah, hindi naman ako ganun.”

O di ba, siya pa talaga nag-set ng rules. These are the times.Haha Pero since okay naman siya kausap, I did a quick check on her Facebook account before making a decision and I was shocked to read bullsh*t in one of her posts, may pabiro siyang gustong patayin, meron din siyang kagalit na gusto niyang sabuyan ng asido.

#scary #bye #anghirapnaman

Applicant no. 3

“Mam P 7,000 po sana sweldo kasi ang gusto ko po talaga foreigner na amo. OFW po kasi ako at nagaantay na lang ako ng visa papuntang Canada. Ayoko naman po ng walang trabaho habang nagaantay.”

Panandalian lang si ate. #giveit3months

Applicant no. 4

“Sa dati ko pong work, apat po kami. Gusto ko yung ganun Ma’am. Yung sa linis lang ako tapos iba ang magluluto at iba rin sa laba at sa bata.”

“I see..”

Yaman yamanin ang hanap na amo. Maliit lang po bahay namin… Pass 🙂

Applicant no. 5

“Ma’am pwede po ba i-advance yung sweldo?”


“Kasi po kailangan ko po talaga.”

#baleAgad #badstart

Applicant no. 6

“Ma’am mahilig po kasi ako sa kape. Libre po ba kape?”

“Nakaka-ilang kape ka ba sa isang araw?”

“Mga apat hanggang lima po. Depende po sa dami ng trabaho.”

Talo pa ko!haha Mukang kailangan niya ng vendo.

Applicant no.7

“Pwede po ba walang bata?”

(Errr… tapon ko anak ko?)

“Ayoko po kasi sa bata e.”

Ok. Bye. Tnx.

I think with those responses, you can already gauge what your future problems (or house rules) will be should you still decide to take them in.

I almost hired applicant no.2, also no.7, they were both nice and respectful, but thank goodness I gave them the chance to speak their minds before ending the interview!

Sometimes the only way to see the red flags is to ask questions they don’t have a rehearsed answer to.

So if you’re on a hunt, I hope this helps!

If you also have similar yaya conversations, tell us in the comments below!

And if you gained something from this post, please SHARE to reach other parents! There is nothing worse than hiring househelp who’s supposed to help but ends up being a burden at home. #momsupport #sharethelove

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  1. Sometimes, the “nice” and “respectful” ones turn out to be the monsters. Good strategy!

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