Tough and Funny Questions That Kids Ask

If you’re having trouble answering your kids questions, you are not alone! I honestly don’t know the answer all the time and even if I do, I often couldn’t find the words to explain it to a kid.

Just the other day, my conversation with my 4-year-old went like this:

MIA: Mommy, when will the world end?

Me: Uhm, only God knows.

MIA: When will the years stop?

Me: Only God knows.

MIA: You should know. You’re the mother. And you’re already 30+ yrs. old!

Right. 30 something mothers should know! LOL.

So this page is for us to share and learn from each other. Feel free to post your kids’ tough and funny questions and how you answered them. And feel free to respond to other readers questions as well.

Here are some that I haven’t explained to Mia yet. Help me answer them and I’ll try to help answer yours too! #momsupport #parentsupport

Mommy, why is God not showing himself to us?


Mommy, why does magic don’t happen to real people?


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Please post your answers in the comments section below.

I’ll constantly update this page. Keep coming back! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Tough and Funny Questions That Kids Ask

  1. “mom, why is God not showing himself to us?”

    there was actually a time when God did, and that was the time of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Then, things changed when they ate the fruit from the Tree of Life. God would only show himself to very special people such as Noah, Abraham, Moses, etc..But, since we are all created in His image, when we are being nice and are following Jesus’s teachings, we can see God in each other. 🙂

  2. Why does magic don’t happen to real people?

    Because magic is like pretend. When you do magic tricks, you pretend to do or make things happen to make people think that it really happened. Like (cite examples)

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