When Work Doesn’t End on Fridays

If you’re fond of saying TGIF, I kind of envy you.

I love weekends but they are usually as hectic as my weekdays!

To give you an example, here’s a rundown of how one weekend is like for me from early morning until night.


COFFEE. Cook breakfast.

Eat with Mia. Feed for about 45mins. to an hour.

(Things are not so hectic yet.)

Dirty dishes.

Play together. Mommy & Mia time. 🙂

Leave her playing by herself – Cook Lunch.

Feed her for about 45mins. to an hour.

Dirty dishes.

(Here’s when the craziness begins!)

Playmate arrives – help them settle down in the play area. Introduce a few activities.

Leave them by themselves and start cleaning the bedroom.

Wipe here. Wipe there.

Go out of the room and check on them. (Do this every 10 minutes.)

Grab some coffee.

Continue dusting in the bedroom.

Go out the play area again and help settle their sharing problems.

Sweep. Check kids.

Rest a bit and start researching video materials for our AVP project.

Mop. Check kids.

Sit and play with them for a while. Pretend to be the MONSTER villain.

Mop again – 2nd round. Check kids.

They’re fine? Search for videos again.

Prepare snacks for the kiddos. Call them for a short break. Eat too.

Continue researching while they’re happily munching.

Help kids put on their outfits for DRESS UP play.

Finish up on cleaning.

Act as a REFEREE. Remind kids to take turns. TRY not to get stressed.

Start prepping for dinner. Cook.

Research again while waiting for the chicken to boil.

Check kids.

Back to cooking.

Playmate leaves. Feed Mia dinner and research while she’s chewing…. about an hour again.

3rd cup of coffee.

Unli – dishes, cookware, atbp.

Night routine – Brush, wash up, bedtime story, prayer, lullaby, wait until she falls asleep.

Research video materials again.

Fall asleep while on it…



SUNDAY isn’t that different.

Morning: Cook. Chores. Stop to play. Chores. Research – musical scoring this time. Stop to play. Chores again. Research.

Afternoon: Give Mia a bath. Leave her on the iPad for a while and finish up on cleaning. Prepare snacks. Make sure she’s busy eating before I have a bath. Go to church together. Eat dinner. Night routine.


I’d sometimes be in tears at the end of the day.

I know, I shouldn’t. Others have it harder.

It’s surely not because of the mess (I like the happy mess) but maybe because I’d be too exhausted and I couldn’t help but wish I was in a salon having my toes or my hair done.

Where did my weekend go??

You know, that night I lay in bed thinking how I could ease my day. Call in a masseur perhaps? Have some burger and fries delivered?  Even my mind was too tired to decide.

I just closed my eyes and uttered a short prayer.

I prayed what I always prayed for since Mia was 1-year-old: to guide and help me be the parent that she needs despite how busy things are.

She must have been observing me and she did the same.

I saw her pray with eyes closed too.

After a few seconds of silence, I asked what she prayed for and she said,

Mommy, I prayed that God will do what you wished for, that is best for me.

Oh my Lord, my Niagara tears came running down!

I thought 4-year-olds only pray for candies and chocolates and toys!

Hearing her back my prayers up and make sure that God hears them was enough fuel to my almost empty tank.

It was such a power refill!

It made me think that if our kids will turn out to be caring, God-fearing, and selfless individuals, then our 24/7 job is probably worth it.

I remember Louis C.K. saying,

We are not raising children. We are raising the grown-up they’re going to be.

So although we don’t get any days off and we hardly have time for ourselves, always remember that we are shaping and raising tiny humans and the foundation we are laying will be a big part of who they’ll be as adults.

I guess my long overdue toes and my dry lifeless hair can wait another week. Haha!

Bring it on, Monday!

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Mia's Prayer