You’re Not A Good Motherrrrr!

You bet, I’m not. 

I wasn’t very proud of myself that day.

I remember it was the week before Christmas when Mia and I were in a crowded bazaar, and she was constantly getting bumped into by eager shoppers.

Must have been irritating for her. Clearly not a place for children.

But I needed to buy some gifts. Fast. Which I should have known is impossible to do with a kid in tow!

Add the fact that she missed her afternoon nap (that’s 1 red flag) and it was nearing dinner hour (and that’s another), so I was really struggling to be done before beastmode strikes!

(Just so you know, I’m an indecisive shopper and it could take me an hour to buy a keychain. An hour. For a keychain. So getting “special” Christmas presents within a time limit is a real challenge!)

Okay, so I was checking out some polo shirts when she started pulling my hand. You know how kids are, right?

She wouldn’t stop tugging even if I asked her MULTIPLE TIMES not to. 

“Mia, just hold on. We’ll be done soon.”

“I want to go home.”

“I know… That’s why I’m asking you to stop tugging. So I can choose fast and we can go.”

Then it happened.

As soon as I asked the attendant for a different size, she cried out,


I was stunned.

I looked at her in disbelief and in her teary-angry face, she reiterated,

“You’re not a good mother.”

After what I do for you everyday? This is what I get in return?? I’m not a good motherrrrr? 

No, just kidding. I didn’t say that. LOL

I have learned not to reason with cranky 4-year-olds who missed their naps. It’s pointless. We can never win.

So I just said,

“You know what, yeah, I’m a bad mother. I’m bad for trying to buy some gifts for our family.”

At that very moment, I realized I could no longer make any other stops. That would be our first and last stall. (So much for Christmas shopping!)

So although I was a bit embarrassed, I still asked for different shirt colors and sizes while she was whining.

There was a line waiting behind us (perfect ehh?) and I tried to calm her by repeatedly saying, 

“Please stop Mia… Please stop. This will just take 5 minutes. Please. Stop tugging my hand.”

And guess what…

She didn’t.

She continued until I lost my patience and blurted, 

“I said STOP!”

There was silence…

Even the people around us obeyed.

For about 5 seconds.

And then she said, “I want a different motherrrrr. Huhuhu.”

The woman beside me was trying to hold her laughter. It immediately drew giggles from the sellers too.

It was actually funny to hear a kid want a mother replacement. (Any takers? Lol)

But of course, it’s not funny for all.

Some look dismayed of how she was acting out and how I was handling the situation. Sigh.

Well, yeah, we weren’t in our best… If someone took a picture of us, I certainly looked fit for the Not Good Mother category.

I got so stressed with the commotion we made, I ended up buying polo shirts for the whole family just to get it over and done with.

So much for the dainty dress I thought for Auntie, or the nice shoal or poncho I planned for Nanay, and also the comfy home slippers for Lolo.

Oh well. At least everyone is still getting something.. (Kunyari na lang polo shirt day for a family pictorial.hehe)

I hurriedly paid for the whole bag and squeezed our way out of the crowd while saying,

“Let’s go Mia. Let’s go look for a different mother for you.” (a tinge of bitterness there.haha)

Life. With kids.

It’s never like before where you have time to shop around, narrow your choices down, and go back to your winning store.

Now, the first thing that looks good enough is good enough. If you don’t buy it, you might not have another chance to look around.

Lesson learned, never bring kids to a bazaar. Be a good mother. #sarcasm

If you’ve been in a similar situation, tell us in the comments below! 

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