Kids Can Read Earlier Than We Think

“My Phonics Word Book” by Mighty Minds is a set of 4 pre-reading books that are attractive and fun. I bought Volume 1 first, just to give it a try to see if she’ll like it, and if she didn’t, I would be happy to keep it until she’s 6 or 7! Ok but before we go into the pages of that book, let’s rewind to what we were viewing and playing with before we got to this point. Here are the tools that exposed our child to early reading that might be helpful to your families as well.


Board books, foam books, lift-the-flap books, texture books, and storybooks – we invested in a variety of them. Every once in a while, we would drop by at bookstores and buy 1 or 2 depending on her current interest. Sometimes she would just stare at the pictures, other times she would chew on the pages. LOL. Nevertheless, we still read to her everyday.

Foam book

5 months

When she grew bigger, she would get the books by herself, open and browse through them, and scatter them on the floor until no book was left unopened. Yes, her playpen was a mess – a happy mess!

11 months

11 months

By the way, you don’t necessarily have to buy new ones all the time. You can trade books with other parents or ask for books that their kids have already outgrown. Chances are, they have some and they’ll be more than willing to lend it to you. In the same way, you could also visit children’s libraries if there is one near you. We used to do this and hangout for an hour or two in the lib before heading to the park. That might have sounded like a boring idea (thought it would bore me too), but it may not always be the case for your kids. Worth a try. 🙂

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