You’re Not A Good Motherrrrr!

You bet, I’m not. 

I wasn’t very proud of myself that day.

I remember it was the week before Christmas when Mia and I were in a crowded bazaar, and she was constantly getting bumped into by eager shoppers.

Must have been irritating for her. Clearly not a place for children.

But I needed to buy some gifts. Fast. Which I should have known is impossible to do with a kid in tow!

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When The Misbehavior Is A Cry For Help

It was a Monday afternoon, I was on my desk, when I suddenly heard our daughter shrieking and slamming her toys while playing with our helper.

(This was 3 days after I wrote To Spank Or Not To Spank and it could have been a perfect example for the post had I not published it yet.)

I don’t normally come to the rescue and I just wait for things to calm down when this happens. But Mia was unbelievably angry and my nerves told me to intervene.  Continue reading

In A Snap!

Preschoolers. One minute they’re as sweet as candy and the next minute, they’re an unstoppable volcanic eruption. It really drives me crazy.

Do you have days like this? When everything is going so smoothly and in just a snap, boom! Gone. They go limp and it’s suddenly thunder and lightning.

A few days ago when I picked Mia up from school, I was surprised how our quality time was cut short.

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