Finger Puppet Fun

Our 3-year-old has always been fascinated with hands and fingers. I’m not sure why but she gets excited whenever she sees pictures or videos of writing hands, cooking hands, painting hands, or pointing fingers.

She would watch every version of The Finger Family Song and Where is Thumbkin on YouTube and would sing the songs over and over until I could already hear myself humming the same tune even when she’s not around.

So to make those videos come to life, Continue reading

Makeshift Tents Rock!

You must have seen it on every parenting and kids-activities website there is – play tents are fun and kids love them. There is something about having their own space, with a roof over it, that they totally like. So if you haven’t tried it at home, it’s time to bring those blankets out (never mind if they get dirty), put them over tables and chairs, and let your kids have a good time!

Of course, you can always buy a real tent and camp on your front or backyard – that would be more awesome! But if you haven’t bought one or you’re like us who enjoy impromptu and use-whatever-is-on-hand play days, makeshift would totally do. It is equally enjoyable! Continue reading