Do the highs outweigh the lows of parenting?

If you have a difficult child, you are not alone.

We may seem happy on Facebook and all but that’s because the good times are the only ones I get to capture and post.

The bad ones, well, they are bad. The last thing I can think of during a full-blown tantrum is to take a snapshot. Most of the time, we are in an intense state correcting bad behavior and worrying afterwards if we are actually doing things right. Continue reading

On Raising Smart Kids

I honestly believe that all kids are smart. Just in different ways. And given the right nurturing, they will shine in their own ways. Oftentimes, parents we come across with would ask what milk our daughter drinks or what shows we let her watch, believing that these products do the magic on kids. While I agree that what they take in and what they view have significant effects, I sometimes wish I could tell them more! Continue reading