Finger Puppet Fun

Our 3-year-old has always been fascinated with hands and fingers. I’m not sure why but she gets excited whenever she sees pictures or videos of writing hands, cooking hands, painting hands, or pointing fingers.

She would watch every version of The Finger Family Song and Where is Thumbkin on YouTube and would sing the songs over and over until I could already hear myself humming the same tune even when she’s not around.

So to make those videos come to life, you can expect that we have a variety of finger puppets at home. 🙂

First one we have is this cutesy family from a legit seller online.

Finger Family Puppets

We got a lot of giggles whenever we made these puppets talk and it was such a helpful tool in teaching Mia about family members.

Finger Family_Enfagrow

This next one is part of an Enfagrow booklet that our pediatrician gave us after one vaccine day. Thanks to it, Mia totally forgot about the painful shots. 😉

Finger Tattoos_Pirates

I got these Disney Art Attack washable finger tattoos from National bookstore for only P50 a pack. I’ve seen 4 designs so far – pirates, farm animals, dinosaurs, and circus clowns and they’re all adorable.


What are your kids fascinated with? Share your play activities with us on the comment box below. 🙂