How To Burn Off Your Kid’s Energy Indoors

It is so much easier to put kids to sleep when they are physically tired. Bedtime is almost effortless for us after an outing or an afternoon at the park because Mia would be dead tired by the time we get home.

But on days when we don’t feel like going out and there is nowhere to channel her ENERGY, we turn to Musical PE. Music and movement is such a perfect match and I really wish we had this during our days. Well, yes, we did, kind of. But probably not before Physical Education classes in school and not in a way that very young kids could participate.

I was so glad I found Patty Shukla’s channel because aside from being fun and educational, her videos get kids MOVING! We have been a subscriber since Mia was one year old and every time we put it on, it is always a hit!

These are the kind of videos that I can leave her with for about 30 minutes to an hour without feeling any sort of mommy guilt for the extra screen time she gets. It is such a good playdate activity too!

Here is one of our favorites.

And this is a quick and short clip of how Jayjay (10), Janna (4), and Mia (3) danced to it.

Here’s another one which is a bit like Zumba for kids.


It may not be very appealing to you but watch how the kids grooved to it.

If you don’t mind hearing loud voices once in a while, this 3rd one is an energy buster for them too. Probably because they can shout without an adult hushing them down! Hah, freedom!

Watch how they Rawrrr with so much passion! haha

If you have a younger child, you might want to start with Shake and Move, and move to Stop, then Jump when your child gets better with timing.

They have lots of other videos to choose from and you can make a playlist of your own (you can even use ours) or simply play the ones they’ve already created on their channel.

I hope you’ll have fun as much as we did!

Roar pic 1

Roar 2

If you have favorite videos on YouTube, please share it with us! 🙂 I am constantly looking for something new and I’ll definitely make an update if we find something fun!