Mia on Ice

Ice Skating Tips For First Timers

1) Rent the polar bear. He was a good assistant. We even gave him a name – Nala. It’s nice for a kid to have an animal friend tagging along.


2) Wear the helmet. Safety first. ❤️

3) Wear LONG and EXTRA THICK socks.

4) Find the right shoe size. If it doesn’t fit you well, you won’t enjoy AT ALL. Keep asking for another size until you find the most comfortable fit.

5) Make sure you’re full before hitting the ice.

6) Make sure you’re not going someplace else after ice skating. I was drained – totally worn out! Errr aging.

7) Stuff your kid’s buttocks with a thick hand towel. I placed one on Mia and it helped a lot during falls. It also prevented her underwear from getting wet.

8) Wear leggings or pants (lessens the pain) and bring a light jacket if you easily get cold.

9) Bring extra pants / shorts / socks to change to.

10) Rates: Unlimited time – P420

Ice Skating Rates Megamall MOA


11) Check out Metrodeal if they have on going discounts.



12) Lastly, enjoy the cold. You don’t get to be on ice everyday!


MIA: I like this day, Mom.

JING: Me too. At first, I wasn’t enjoying because I was very nervous. But when I finally learned to balance, I had fun. How about you?

MIA: I fell many times, Mom! But I wasn’t hurt so bad. It was still fun. Next time, let’s go back again okay? So I can practice some more.

JING: Yes, But next time, it’s Daddy’s turn to balance.

(evil grin)