Ready, Set, Fly!

Yesterday evening, her imagination was on fire. Her mind was more than alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic and much as I would like to nag her to sleep, I ended up writing down her lines.

She would get up to tell me one thing and then go back to bed, only to get up again to tell me more.

She talked to me in all seriousness and excitement and this was exactly how it went.


Mommy, I like lots of pixie dust! Ask Daddy to buy lots and lots of pixie dust okay?

“What are you going to do with the pixie dust?”

It will make us fly! We will fly with the birds!

So that tomorrow, we will not ride the tricycle, we will fly going to the church!

We are super powerful girls who have wings and who can fly!

With a smile I answered, “Okay, anak, go back to bed now. 🙂 ”

9:15 pm

Mommy, it’s going to be so much fun if we can touch the clouds!

And then after church, we are going to fly far, far away. Because we are very fast.

But don’t worry, we are going to come back!

If we go to Bohol, we are not going to ride the airplane. We are just going to fly.

And we are just going to avoid the airplanes while we fly.

It’s going to be fun!

I smiled to her again and said, “Time to sleep Mia. We’ll talk more about flying tomorrow.”

Flying with birdsDesigned by Freepik

9:30 pm

How to fly is to put your legs together, not apart. I’ll teach you.

Like Captain James. Zarina taught him how to fly. (from Disney’s The Pirate Fairy)

We’re not gonna use our stairs anymore, we’re just gonna fly.

I told my pets we’re going to fly. They think we’re just going to buy some vegetables (?!), but we are going to fly.

We’re gonna do it!

I’m really excited, Mommy, it’s going to be so much, so much fun!

“Okay, Mia, try to sleep now. Keep your eyes closed.”

10 pm


I really wish I could fly.

I really want to fly.

I will cry if I couldn’t fly.

“It’s all right. Come on, time to sleep.”

10:30 pm


You have to drink coffee so you won’t feel sleepy and you can type and tell Daddy in messenger. Tell Chris Ramasola in messenger, to buy purple fast-flying pixie dust okay? Okay Mommy, you drink your coffee okay?

Wait, is there a pixie dust store?

“We’ll ask him to find one.”

(Paging Chris.)