Kids Can Read Earlier Than We Think


Midway her 2nd year, her vocabulary truly expounded and she was already reading like a 5 or probably a 6-year-old kid. We were truly astonished. It also became more challenging for us to find books whose plots are appropriate for a 2-year-old but whose text fit a bigger kid. We were always on the look out for book sales and for 2nd-hand books for early readers.

We first tried the Level 1 “Beginning Reading” I Can Read books that use familiar words, short sentences and simple plots. Later on we moved to Level 2 “Reading With Help” books that contain longer sentences and more engaging plots. There are many story characters you can choose from like Amelia Bedelia, Berenstain Bears, Charlie the Ranch Dog, Danny and the Dinosaur, Clark the Shark, Pinkalicious or Flat Stanley.

As for us, the first one we found was Fancy Nancy and so we sort of followed this series.

Fancy Nancy Sees Stars Fancy Nancy 2 Fancy Nancy Show Must Go On

If your child doesn’t go to school yet, you may find this a bit advanced because Nancy, the main character is already a preschooler. It would be a lot better if the plot you choose is something your child can relate to. If you have a dog at home that your kid is very fond of, the Marley series might be a great choice. This series is what we read on the 2nd level.

Marley Farm DogMarleys Big AdventureMarley Not a Peep

Of course you don’t have to stick to this brand. There are other books designed for emerging readers that your child might like. Just make sure you choose the appropriate reading level your child is in to keep the experience enjoyable.

As of posting, we have not moved up to Level 3 books yet as I find those too wordy and complex already. For now, we are enjoying the stage that we are at. And though I still can’t believe it at times, this early development has actually showed me that babies can indeed read.

I hope I have given you lots of sources and links to check out. Of all the tips, I think the best one is to read to them as often as we can. It’s a great bonding opportunity too.

If you have other early reading tools to share, please do! Leave a comment below 🙂

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