5 Things To Add To Our Parenting Duties

Ask kids to help in the kitchen or in party preparations.

When I was kid, I just attend parties and family gatherings. My mom never involved me in the preparations. She probably sent me out to play while they do these things. Or I was probably too naughty to be in the kitchen that I often get sent out. I don’t know.

As a result, I didn’t learn how to cook until my late 20s. Well, I knew how to cook rice and fry eggs, fish, hotdogs, and the like, but real dishes? Nah. I was trained to be a guest. Boooooo.

I only started “real cooking” after giving birth. I was determined to make homemade baby meals (which was a good start because baby food usually tastes bland – less pressure for me. haha) so I looked for simple recipes that I can practice on. This eventually taught me the basics. And after a year or two of hits and misses, I have learned to whip up a few decent meals that even the hubby likes. Hallelujah.

Because of this, I realized that we should involve our kids in the kitchen, in preparations, in planning etc., even if we think they don’t actually have to. It will benefit them in the long run.

Similiarly, if we want our kids to grow up to be cooperative adults, let’s make them help at home. If not on the kitchen, maybe on a different household chore.