7 Ways To Teach Emotions To Kids

7) Model how you handle emotions.

One time I heard Mia say to her doll, ‘Ikaw ha, you’re not obedient. Hay naku.’ I was surprised and I started noticing that I do say the ‘hay naku’ expression a lot when I’m stressed.

From then on, I was more careful on how I react to things. We have to be watchful of our words and actions at home too.

It taught me that no matter what we teach, kids still learn best through what they see and hear. 🙂

If you shout a lot when you’re angry, your child will, of course, associate anger with shouting. angry family

If you do a weird dance when you’re excited (ahem), your kid might pick up on that too.

So remember to always model good behavior. 🙂

Indeed, we are their first emotion coaches.

Out of all the unsolicited advices I got regarding child rearing, I don’t think anyone has mentioned this to me. Emotion coaching.

So now I am sharing this with you.

If you want to learn more about it, here’s a good read: The Art of Emotion Coaching. It teaches parents how to help their kids manage their emotions (calming down; controlling anger & impulse) and find good solutions.

We haven’t started on this yet, but I’m saving the link for later.

I hope this post was helpful to you. What else would you add?

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