Question To Ask To Get Your Child Talk About His Day

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JING: How about your not so favorite classmate today?

MIA: Cersei.

JING: Why?

MIA: She keeps calling me Stinky Mia. I’m not stinky. I take a bath everyday.

JING: So what did you do?

MIA: Nothing. I just ignored her.

JING: Good.


JING: And your not so favourite classmate today is?

MIA: Tywin.

JING: Why, what did Tywin do?

MIA: He calls me “Pototoy Mia”.

JING: Pototoy?

MIA: I don’t have pototoy. That’s a boy’s private part.

JING: Hmm.. That’s not good. Did you tell teacher?

MIA: Yes. But he still.

JING: Maybe somebody teases him Pototoy Tywin that’s why he teases others that way too.

MIA: But I’m a girl.

JING: Right. Maybe he doesn’t know girls don’t have pototoys.

MIA: Oh….


JING: Your not so favorite classmate today is?

MIA: Margaery.

JING: Because?

MIA: She doesn’t make sense when she said I’m mean.

JING: Were you mean to her?

MIA: I’m not mean. I just want to borrow her toy. She’s the one not sharing.


As you can see, asking indirectly brings out the things we want to know!  And from there, we can advise, help, or intervene before things get out of hand.

So I hope this helps you too! And don’t forget to share the love ❤️!

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