Question To Ask To Get Your Child Talk About His Day

One way to know how our kids are doing in school is to ask who their FAVORITE and NOT SO FAVORITE playmates are for the day and WHY.

I tried this many times with Mia and I get interesting tiny details I would have no way of knowing if my question is just the usual, “How was your day?”

It also gives me an idea who she often hangs out with and if there might be kids who are bullying her. Ding ding!

Mia with her backpack

So. Whenever “How was school today?” doesn’t give you the details you need, try an indirect approach and ask:

Who is your favorite playmate today?”

Here are some answers I got.

JING: Who’s your favorite playmate today?

MIA: Julia.

JING: Why?

MIA: Because we were writing and drawing happy faces together. And lion faces too. And she likes to take turns. 😀 Julia is really nice. She told her friend Red that they found a new friend.

JING: And who’s that new friend they found?

MIA: It’s me! And I told her my name is Mia.

(Yay! She found herself a group. ❤️ )


JING: Who’s your favorite playmate today?

MIA: Sofia.

JING: Why?

MIA: Because she’s so goofy and she screams, “Aaaaaaaaahhhh!” when we pretend there are monsters. And then when I shout, “Hey guys! Heyyy guys! Come in here! There’s a monster outside,” they all come in to my playhouse and hide. Oh I know, I’ll make that into a story. The title is, Mia and Her Friends. or Mia and Her Friends on the Playground. That’s the title okay? We tell that story okay?


JING: Who’s your favorite classmate today?

MIA: Aya!

JING: Aya?

MIA: Yes, I always have new friends when I come home and you ask me.

JING: Why is she your favorite?

MIA: Because she likes me and I like her.

JING: What did you play together?

MIA: We rode the bicycle!

JING: Were you driving or were you on the side car?

MIA: On the side car. 😄



Details that we need! 😀

You can then ask who their least favorite classmate is, afterwards.

Here’s what I get sometimes:

(Names have been changed.)

JING: How about your not so favorite classmate today?

MIA: Cersei.

JING: Why?

MIA: She keeps calling me Stinky Mia. I’m not stinky. I take a bath everyday.

JING: So what did you do? Continue reading…