Why You Should Not Let A Day Pass Without Hugging Your Children

Have you hugged your kid today?

Hugging has recently moved up to the number 1 spot on our daily To-Do list after Mia left me speechless with her daunting train of thought the other night. It went like this:

MIA: Hug me, Mommy…

ME: Why, are you scared? I hugged you many times already.

MIA: Hug me because if I die, you cannot hug me anymore.

ME: Omg, anu ba yan Anak, huwag nga die die! Change topic!

The mere thought. I. CAN’T. EVEN. haha

But it is so true! And scary if I may admit.

Reminding us of the fact that we don’t know how long we’ll be here or how long our children will be here.

God may have entrusted them to us but they are not ours to keep…

So while we are all still HERE, and while they are not complaining when we smother them with affection, let’s give all the lovin’ they need!

When they wake up in the morning, before they leave for school, when you arrive from work, before they sleep at night, let’s not forget to communicate our love.

Even if hugging is not your thing, consider that your child may be the touchy-feely one.

We never know if they are dealing with bite-sized fears or they’re experiencing intense emotions they can’t verbalize, and our warmth may be the only thing that can comfort them.

So remember to hug your child today…

and everyday.

Mia asleep

Even when they’re asleep.

Even for no reason.

Even if they’re just sitting on the couch.

Even if they’re simply walking by.

Let’s make it a daily habit.

If it’s just as easy as spreading our arms and giving a tight squeeze, I sure don’t want the day to come that I’ll regret not giving enough of it.

So I’m leaving you with this reminder:


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throw in some extra BEAR HUGS to people you value most.

Spread the LOVE my friends.