Momma Karma #1

When I was little, my mom would try to put me to sleep every afternoon.

Sigh. I wish it was that easy.

I couldn’t.

I would hear kids running and shouting Langit-Lupa outside. “How come they get to play and I have to sleep?”, I thought.

“Ang mga bata dapat natutulog sa hapon.”

That was always Mama’s line.

I never understood what naps were for.

So I would always wait for her to fall asleep.

So I could sneak out and run free!!!

Now, I am that mom. I fall asleep waiting for my child to fall asleep.

Hello Karma.

“Why won’t you sleep Mia?? Don’t you know that when you grow older you will always wish you can extend the night so you can have more sleep???”

I wish for that every single day since the day I started working!

I would love a 12-hour-sleep every night to make up for my huge eye bags and all the sleeping hours I lost.

So sleeeeeep!

MIA: Mommy, we nap because?