Parenting Hack Of All Time

FROM 15 MONTHS until she was 4 YEARS OLD: (This was 2.5 years of our lives.)

We’re on a 5 – 5 Awake Formula with 1 nap in between.

Meaning her energy could last 5 hours. Sometimes 5.5hrs when we didn’t have much physical activity.

So, if she wakes up at 8am, we make sure that she’s having lunch around 11:30am / 12nn and she’s already down for her nap by 1pm.

Because if we don’t, she’ll start to be cranky when it’s nearing 1pm. That’s when all the tantrums will most likely occur. So if this happens, no matter how irrational she becomes, we don’t argue with her. We don’t reprimand. Because we know that her grumpiness is just because she’s sleepy.

Okay, say she wakes up 3:10pm from that nap (yes, it has to be exact, 10 minutes is included) that tells us that bedtime is 8:10pm too. Any meltdowns that happen near 8:10pm are NOT something we need to discipline her for.

Her meals, snacks, and play activities are scheduled in those 5 comfortable hours too.

Are you doubtful this can work for your baby? Just give it a shot. I was doubtful at first as well. But I was really surprised when it worked. I swear, most kids go by the number. You just have to figure out yours.

Chris once said na de numero ako (I go by the time).

And it’s true!

There was a time I had to leave Mia with Chris and I asked him to put her to sleep at exactly 2:33pm and he was laughing because of the extra 3 minutes. (May butal. Hahaha) I told him to just TRUST (Manalig ka lang.haha) that Mia will fall asleep.  Rock, bounce, sing, do whatever you have to. And he was amazed; he was able to put her to sleep!

See 🙂 Even he fell asleep. LOL

WHEN SHE TURNED 4.5 YEARS OLD, she started going back and forth from 1 nap to none.

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