Parenting Hack Of All Time

WHEN SHE TURNED 4.5 YEARS OLD, she started going back and forth from 1 nap to none.

This is kind of hard for us actually.

I can’t get anything done when she’s up all afternoon. But I can’t complain, she’s growing. She soon won’t nap at all.

So most of the time, we’re on a 6 – 6 schedule.

Wakes up at 8am, naps at 2pm, wakes up by 3 or 4pm, and then sleeps at 9 or 10pm.

But on days that she won’t nap, we’re on a 12-hour schedule. Say she wakes up at 8am, she’ll be down by exactly 8pm too.

The bad side of no naps – she gets cranky in the afternoon and it’s very difficult to deal with! The good news, after few minutes of unreasonable outbursts, she’ll get past the crankiness and we are assured of an early bedtime.

IF YOUR BABY IS 6 MONTHS AND BELOW, it’s quite hard to have a predictable schedule yet. 

For the first 2 months especially, don’t even try. Just accept that it’s going to be crazy. Knowing that they are awake every 2 hours is enough. Just go with it.

Our 4th month was more bearable but we still didn’t have a consistent day-flow. Might be different for you. But for us, teething, mastering a new skill, growth spurts, they all got in the way of having a good schedule.

On the 6th month, you might already get lucky. Most babies, but not all, settle in a good day-flow and start to sleep through the night during this age. You can then start with your log. You may also check these charts from and for quick references.

Waketime Length Chart

Baby and Toddler Bedtimes By Age

So that’s it! I hope this helps!

Remember: Find your own awake formulawatch the clock, and always seize the moment before the sleepy/hungry windows pass.

You can teach this to your baby sitter too if you’re at work all day.

ONE LAST THING though, try not to sabotage your baby’s hunger and sleepiness.

I have been guilty of this. Haha!

This timing thing DOESN’T work when you have given your baby a new toy (why should she sleep, right?), or you gave her too many sweets (hello sugar high!), or she watched/played a new video that over stimulated her. On these days, don’t expect sleep to happen. Hehehe

I’ve learned to give new toys earlier in the day, sweets early afternoon too (far away from bedtime), and iPad or TV time ends at least an hour away from bedtime as well.

Whew. There are so many things we need to remember! Hahaha But I really hope you find your awake formula soon. And I hope you’ll help other parents find theirs too.

Even if you’re not a planner and you’re more of a spontaneous type of person who hates schedules, consider that most babies thrive better when they have a routine and when they know what to expect.

Best of luck! Don’t forget to spread the love. 🙂