Our Annie Story

We left home early and arrived at Resorts World Manila ‪around 6:30pm. The show was ‪at 8pm so we still had time to eat dinner and take pictures before going in.

This was us right before the show started.

Annie The Musical 2016_Mommy Jing & Mia

Annie The Musical 2016_Resorts World Manila


We were filled with excitement when we entered the theater and the minute the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra played the first song, Mia got teary eyed.

Can you believe it? A 5-year-old holding back her tears when Annie sang her first solo, “Maybe.”

She faced me and I smiled and assured her it was okay to cry.

“You feel overwhelmed. It’s okay.” I whispered.

When the orphans sang, “It’s A Hard Knock Life,” she got teary eyed again.

And if it wasn’t for the funny and drunk Miss Hannigan, she probably wouldn’t have managed to stop her tears! I guess she didn’t expect that she’d have all those sweeping emotions too.

Towards the middle of that song, she got a grip of herself and started dancing in front of her seat. She clapped, she cheered, she identified the songs and the children, and she laughed a lot especially at Miss Hannigan.

I couldn’t blame her. I got all praises for Miss Hannigan too. Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo was spectacular! I think she was the life of the show next to Krystal Brimner (Annie) who really impressed the audience with her beautiful and powerful voice.

The kids who played the orphans were ALL great too!

It was like seeing the 1982 film LIVE. From the set design, to the costumes, to the acting, and the accent of the characters, it felt like the movie came to life. Well, at least to the point of view of people like us who has seen the movie first.

Annie & Sandy

Annie and Sandy (Photo source: Annie RWManila)

Annie, Grace, and the Servants

Annie, Grace Farrell, and the Servants (Photo source: Annie RWManila)


If you watched Lea Salonga play Annie when it was first staged in our country back in 1980, I’m sure you have a more interesting point of comparison than mine. (Please tell us about it! We’re eager to know!)

Lea Salonga as Annie

Ms. Lea Salonga as Annie. Repertory Philippines, 1980.

It was also astonishing to hear Michael de Mesa sing. We know very well that he is a good actor but we didn’t know he could sing! And I use the word “could” because many people know how to sing, but not everyone CAN sing for THEATER. So when he started belting those notes, we were in awe! Kudos to you Sir!

And to the whole cast, the directors, the technical team and the production staff behind Annie, kudos to you all!

Even Sandy did a great job! It was fun and refreshing to see a dog on the set!

Annit The Musical CastThe whole cast of Annie

The whole cast of Annie.

Here’s Annie and the Little Orphans up close.

Annie and the Little Orphans

The Little Orphans from left to right: CJ Jover as Kate, Shanti Gleason as July, Ataska Mercado as Pepper, Sofie Wong as Duffy, Precious Galvez as Molly, Krystal Brimner as Annie, and Natalia Escaño as Tessie. (Photo Source: Annie RWManila)


Annie and the Orphans Backstage_Annie The Musical

Backstage: The talented kids of Annie The Musical (Photo Source: Annie RWManila)

I guess we’re lucky that Annie came to Manila now that Mia is 5. Because if she was younger, I don’t think we’d go.

Y’all know it’s hard for young kids to stay seated for long periods right?

So if you’re planning to bring a very young child with you, make sure he has something quiet to nibble on. Like a lollipop.hehe

Mia stayed put for a few minutes but eventually got squirmy especially during the parts with long dialogues. The big lollipop that we brought along was of really great help to keep her on her chair.

(Sorry Resorts World. I know, no food and drinks allowed inside, but it was an evening show and we needed some sugar to keep the 5-year-old awake until the curtains close!)

There was also a meet and greet opportunity after the show but the line was quite long and Mia was already sleepy so we didn’t go anymore. Ugh, it would have been fun to meet the cast!

But anyway, it was still a great experience.

I’m glad that this is going to be part of Mia’s childhood memories and that this generation will know the story of this popular Broadway musical.

Coz who knows when Annie will be staged in our country again.

Oh, maybe in 4 years time? Mia will be 9 by then. Perhaps she can fulfill her dreams. Ahehe!

Here are some info and tips before you go:

1) The show runs ‪until December 4, 2016 at Newport Performing Arts Theater. 

8PM Fridays & Saturdays | 3PM Saturdays & Sundays. Tickets at:

Resorts World Manila: www.rwmanila.com/web/annie-the-musical

TicketWorld: www.ticketworld.com.ph

2) Try to find discounts. I believe that there are senior citizen and student discounts you can avail of. We purchased VIP seats for P2,275 each (instead of 3k) and it felt good to have saved about 2k in our final bill.

3) For the best viewing experience, choose the center seats or the seats that are as close as possible to the center aisles. There are two big screens on the left and right side of the stage, but for me, it is still better to watch the actors on the physical stage.

4) If you’re with young children, choose the 3pm shows.

5) Be early. At least 30 minutes early. So you have time to pee and take pictures before you enter the theater.

6) Make sure you are full. You won’t enjoy the musical with a hungry stomach.

7) Taking photos and videos are not allowed during the show.

8) The souvenir programme is P100. It’s a kids activity book too. 😃

9) There’s 15-minute break after Act 1. We grabbed some sundaes and fries from Mcdo but weren’t able to finish it. Act 2 already started when we went back in.

10) Lastly, enjoy and have fun!

Mia at Annie The Musical

Our own little Annie sure did. 😃

Daddy Chris & Mia_Annie The Musical


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