Unwrapping your Child’s Gifts

What exactly is Giftedness?

For so many years, giftedness has been equated with high IQ. We regard those who have great intellect as the gifted in our society. While it is true that IQ scores determine “smartness” over peers of the same age, the definition of “gifted” has expanded and is now multifaceted. Psychologists have developed theories that do not constrict giftedness to logical and cognitive abilities alone.

To name some, Howard Gardner is behind the idea of Multiple Intelligence (MI). He believes in 8 intelligences, namely:

(You might want to start checking where your child is excelling at or showing interests on.)


Linguistic (skill in words: reading, writing, speaking)

Musical (awareness of and sensitivity to music, rhythms, tunes, and melody; vocal skills and instrument play)

Logical-mathematical (skill in organization, problem solving, and logical reasoning; curiosity and investigation; ability to work with numbers for mathematical operations)

Spatial (to think in pictures; mental imagery; make artistic designs, drawings, paintings or crafts; build and assemble things)

Bodily-kinesthetic (skill in sports, dancing, acting; skilled hands for detailed work)

Interpersonal (sensitivity to and understanding of other people’s moods, feelings, and point of view; leadership skills)

Intrapersonal (awareness of one’s own ideas, abilities; personal decision-making skills; ability to regulate one’s feelings, moods, emotional responses, and mental behavior)

Naturalist (skill for understanding animal behavior; ability to work with plants; knowledge of natural living energy forces like cooking, weather, and physics)


If you need more details on this, here’s a good link: Multiple Intelligences: Definitions & Examples. It actually won’t hurt to self-evaluate and find your gifts too. It might not be too late yet. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Unwrapping your Child’s Gifts

  1. Hi Mommy Jing! I enjoyed reading your post about Unwrapping Your Child’s Gifts, thank you for sharing. Probably mine is 2e since our neuro dev pedia also told us that he has high IQ, so sad only few people understand about giftedness, most mainstream schools can’t cater their needs. For me it’s having asynchronous development and overexcitability that may result to having an intense child. 🙂

    • Hi Mommy Darlene! Glad you enjoyed this one. I hope you have a 2E support group as it can get overwhelming, not to mention confusing at times. Mia is quite intense too and though we don’t see overexcitability, she definitely has oversensitivity and asynchronous development like yours. We were told to have her evaluated again when she reaches 5 years old for more accurate results. What age did you have Matthew assessed? 🙂

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